January 26 2010

January 26, 2010 § 2 Comments

I would have loved to start a new blog with the coming of the new year, and well, the new years been here for a few weeks now but i’ll say its new enough. This year is the beginning of finding myself, learning to live love laugh and more. Away with the old angst and worries, and hello to the fresh slate and clean air.

My resolutions to start the year?

1. No Losing stuff. (last year i lost new glasses, new camera, new watch and many cds and clothes)

2. Think in the Present (this is very hard for me to do, but i will try)

3. Live to the fullest and blog it as proof!

This is a year of travel, of individuality and change, of following my passions and living for what I love!

What do I love?

– My family!

I am the youngest of four, I have always admired my siblings as they are all powerful individuals who are amazing at everything they put their mind to. Katy (26) is an amazing artist, a children’s book and toy loving girl who can charm any kid in a second, and Lethbridge’s own lifeguard army in her own. She got married in June to Nathan, a very tall man and my new brother! Paul (24) is lanky climbing hacky sacking guitar playing environmentalist, leading groups on ecotours and snowboarding the hills. He now lives in Victoria with Teegan the two dreadheads are amazing teachers to me and enthusiasts to everything outdoors. Fraser (22 tomorrow!) is amazing with his hands, he can create anything out of any wood, in cabinetmaking he’s doing amazing and getting quite an interest from the renovating neighbourhood ladies. Also, in the band Kronic Groove Band, he plays trumpet, though he could be the band himself, he can play drums, guitar, trumpet, piano, keyboard, didjereedoo, accordian ANYTHING. simply amazing. His girlfriend Kat calls him the prodigy. My parents are creative, building a cabin in Windermere BC, mom is a quilter and an artist in any other medium as well. Dad has a wit beyond anyone i know and could join the Flying Circus of Monty Python any day.

– Cats!

Pywacket is my cat, he is 14 years old, and fat and dons a tuxedo of fur in black and white. I love him very much and we spend each waking moment together. Cat’s are funny creatures. meowmeow. I wish i could be one actually and often take the role of one when around friends who can handle it.

– British Colombia

A beautiful province and my love for eternity. Ever since i can remember I’ve wanted to live there, Kootneys, Okanagon, Island, anywhere. The province is filled with sky climbing trees, vast mountains, clear waters and a creative people who live by their hearts. I lived here last year for 3 and a half months in the program Katimavik and it was everything i had ever dreamed of it. In Parksville I met amazing friends who write poetry, paint draw, play music and dance, spin fire and hoop, and everything. The fresh fruit is delicious and the beach is inviting. I long to go back and it’s a promise i make to myself.

– Katimavik!

Last year I spent 9 months traveling Canada and volunteering in a program called Katimavik. I heard of it in Jr. High and immediatly i eralized it was my ideal living situation. #1 its free #2 I am constantly surrounded by 10 other people around my age #3 I volunteer in interesting places #4 I travel! Absolutly amazing, and I miss my group soooo bad, that i’ve planned to visit them all this coming spring via Greyhound. [For more info on Katimavik, leave a comment and i’ll answer questions! also go to katimavik.org]

– Jason!

During Katimavik I met a boy, though i vowed i didn’t want to date in the program, and that he wasn’t at all my type, I got roped into a relationship. I HATE long-distance relationships, having been in one before, but here I am, still in one. I couldn’t let him go but he helps me get through each and every day a constant reminder of joy and peace.

Also I’ve found a passion for the environment, people, music, geocaching, climbing kickboxing rollerblading and frisbee, arts and crafts, cooking and other wild hijinks i hope to share on here.

So, this blog will be a journal almost, to keep me on track with goals, desires and plans.

I’m looking forward to comments and friends and more so feel free! I’ll try not to be too angsty this time, you never can tell though, when you gotta write, you gotta write, so i apologize if that happens.

And now, we begin!




§ 2 Responses to January 26 2010

  • Lexi says:

    hurray new blog! welcome to wordpress! I love it here. ^_^
    your layout reminds me 100% of you. it looks like paint at the top & with your fire poi photo, MMMMMMM I miss you lots & lots!

  • Thanks dear they have so many neat forms of appearance on here and yeah this one feels like home! I’m looking forward to LOTS of posts and good spirits which I’m really needing!

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