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January 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

One of my classes in University this year is Natural Science  – Sustainability, or something to that extent, a lot of the class is spent watching documentaries and videos, but man are they eye-opening! So many people in the world know exactly what needs to be done and are able to do it! Makes me quite mad and angry at my own city of Calgary, where we spend millions of dollars for a new transportation system that isn’t logical so we have to rebuild it over and over taking decades at a time.

Here is an example of a DVD we watched, it is copyrighted but there is a link to the website that shows the solutions in the DVD of a city about the size of Calgary – Curitiba, Brazil. Very Impressive.

Also last class we had a presentation from some ecotourism students in my class and they presented a video on youtube of getting to the root of our envionmental problem ( and many other problems at that) and a man named Jacque Fresco envisioned a whole new world, using our present day technology to expand transportation, living, jobs, everything. He explores the concept of how we have the technology to have a clean environmentally friendly world without jobs and crime and pollution, but how we will not use this technology or our ideas because of the capitalist society around us. He puts it all done to one radical solution : we must abolish the monetary system, now this sounds very radical and impossible, but in this video ( I have only seen the two parts which i am linking on here but i want to watch the rest) he makes it seem very logical and possible. Maybe it can’t happen and it’s only to invoke logical thinking and change, but maybe it could happen. We could have a world without money, without jobs, without damage to our environment.

Hearing about this future made me feel very happy because last year in Katimavik we lived off three dollars a day and learned about many ways to live without money, trading time and skill for food, activity or shelter. An old-fashioned working tradition of barter.

So here are the two parts on youtube.

for more information –

pretty interesting I think.


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  • Lexi says:

    this is SO interesting. the part in video #2 about magnetic train travel completely blew my mind. imagine! we could go to Paris for a day, no problem. the entire idea of a society switch is amazing, but can you imagine what it would be like trying to switch over? people would still be greedy & mean at first, or try to blackmail each other over things. CRAZINESS.
    but this is awesome. please share more from your classes!

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