Todays Lesson

January 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

This week we’re learning about Cap and Trade, the latest new hot topic around the entire world, it was discussed at this years big meeting in Copenhagen when they looked for ways to solve global warming and climate change. We watched a few videos and thought ” yeah, this will work, it’s a great idea to really gear up for carbon reductions and sell the idea to capitalist companies… But then… we watched more videos, and the more you really understand this idea, well, it’s not that great of an idea…

This video, made by Annie Leonard, maker of the video “The story of Stuff” ( another one to look up to understand the crisis of climate change) explains the idea of cap and trade, and then some faults to it. It’s really well made and easy to understand. Here it is.

After finishing this class today, i came home, grabbed a grapefruit and banana and sat down to the computer humming a song I love and haven’t listened to in awhile ( the CD being stuck in my brother-in-laws car) so i looked it up on YouTube to listen to it and got the version with subs. I’ve translated most of it before but this time reading it from start to finish really struck me today, as its realting to my classes and passions. I really love this song, so if you’ve heard it before, take a look at the lyrics again and sing it out loud. If its a first time to listen, Feel it in you it’s a great band to hear and listen to. (Les Cowboys Fringants from Quebec, saw them live last year in Gatineau the day before finishing Katimavik)


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