Shopkeeper Premonition (song title?)

January 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Because i have quite the habit of procrastination, and mom came home with a car i took a drive to Eau Claire Market downtown where I know there is a Katimavik workplace, and I wanted to meet the group, unfortunately it’s a brand new group so they haven’t started work yet, maybe I’ll visit the house this weekend though. Anyway carrying on through the market I stopped by this one shop i’m often interested in, because it has instruments, beads, incense etc. I met the shopkeeper and she seemed quite nice so I talked to her for quite a long time and also bought an instrument ( i’m trying to save money right now but I’ve been looking for something like this for a while)

She looks like she’s 50 at most but she says she 70, her father is a principal, her mother a teacher, her dad didn’t want her to be a teacher so she has been a secretary, executive, realtor and now shopkeeper, shes from Fiji, has married twice once to a blind British man and once to a French Canadian … you get the idea, we talked quite a bit, but near the beginning of our conversation she asked me if I was a schoolteacher because she said that I was very precise and looked her in the eyes and other stuff and so I must be a schoolteacher. i told her I was a student that wanted to go into education.

What a lovely premonition. I’m glad to be going into education.

Also, this is the instrument I checked out: Goat Chachas, i’ve been looking for an instrument to play whilst drumming on my djembe and a shaker made of wood or bone that i could put around the leg would be perfect. These are made of Goat feet (gross maybe, but still, it sounds lovely)



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