Good done day

February 22, 2010 § 3 Comments

CTI’s for everyone! Katimavik Alumni fails at hanging out. Theres a ton out there, and some have good reason, but still! Lately, we’ve planned many events and its been very few people. Today our Brunch involved me and Emma. But it was still a lovely day. Pancakes, Hot cross buns and croissants, juice, and tea. Full tummies and a LONG walk.

We took my GPS out to do the Calgary Downtown Art tour cache, visiting, the Family of Man, Tea Party, and Playful Cubs, we got clues to a final destination, which seemed to be somewhere by Fort Calgary. We must have gotten the clues wrong, because instead of finding a bush to find the cache in, we found a field. So we looked at Fort Calgary a bit and then took a big walk across the river and back home.

Family of Man. I'm tiny!

Emma having tea with Louise McKinney

Playful Cubs and a Playful Me

Bustin down the fort


Pictures! too bad we didn’t find it, but I’m goin after it again soon!

On our way we went onto the island that the zoo is on and I was telling Emma about the new dinosaurs coming to the Calgary zoo. The moving, roaring ones. That got us feeling very in the mood for dinosaurs. So arriving home with tired legs and blisters, we grabbed some popcorn and watched Land before Time. Man it had been so long since I’d seen it, I forgot about Little Foots mom dying. 😦

And then we napped on the floor. Tired Monkeys 🙂

OH! and I went on the Flickr account for James Tworow from yesterday – lookit its me!


Kronic Groove Band!

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Yay! I love going to concerts, and actually knowing someone in the band is amazing. Frasers pretty much a talented thing in many ways, and seeing as his band is having concerts more often I’ll be abble to go more often! The first one I went to was in March, and so this is my first since then. Dancing and clapping and cheering, they played old stuff, new stuff, and I had never heard them play covers before, but they did tons (we didn’t want them to stop) including Jungle Boogie, I Feel Good, and…. Ghostbusters!

next time i’ll make sure i have more room on the memory so i can actually get the new stuff.

February 20, 2010

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a Saturday. Quite lovely in my mind. a day for adventure.

I did sleep for half of it however, as Morgan and I were chatting and dinnering and “homeworking” (there are few environments in which I can actually get things done) at Makyee cat’s place, after which we had drinks at Timmy Ho’s and chatted, and then attempted kidnapping Tyler at 1:15 am ( we saw his light on and actually got him in the car, he was clever though and kept a foot out the door of the car. Next time… And then, another hour of chat and earl grey tea at my house. so it was maybe 3 am before i slept.

Today I made pancakes. Earl grey, orange juice. Eat pray love and Pywacket made a lovely morning. And fa full tummy. I made a plan and set out to accomplish it. I dressed in my favourite clothes ( mom thought it was odd, but I feel so…. ME. ) and walked to the armory by the science centre to look for a geocache. Failed, but I’ll try again on my way home. caught the C-train and talked to man who recently became wheelchair ridden due to a work accident. It’ll be a year before hes up again and he;s still getting used to the free time and boredom. Though he did just play a game of 11 person Yahtzee. Also I had a staring contest with a three-year old sitting across from me. I got out at Olympic Plaza Station, put on my skates and did laps. World Music of winter Afriikadey skating festival was playing through the speakers and feeling wind in my face and skirt i lapped for a good 2 hours or 3. actually got some fresh ice too after a short break watching the Zamboni go round. Later on I met a Calgarian photographer named James Tworow who asked if it was alright if he took pictures because the skirt I was wearing had a neat effect while skating like in Victorian times. I have his card with the Flickr account, so ill check up on that later to see if im there.  I already looked at it, and he takes some really neat shots, mostly of downtown and Stephen avenue happenings.

Olympic Plaza, Calgary


Now It’s homework time. I’m buckling down at yet another coffee shop for a few hours until I can finally call ‘er quits and see my brother play at Tropicana club tonight. He’s in the Kronic Groove Band and I can’t wait to see him, I’ve only see them once and he’s switched instruments since then. (cuz he plays like every instrument known to man.. talented thing)


I got my Natural Science Homework done! now i just have an essay due in a week, and an online midterm in a few days. I walked home to try another stab at the tank. I reread the hint, and realized I looked in the wrong spot! The place I had to look was harder ( actually ON the tank!) but It was evening so less muggles were about. and I found it! Left s button and a key chain ( I have a lot) and got a Janus button. Yay! Now I have a cat, curried rice, mushrooms and onions, and music. good stuff.

treasures and finds

Dream Log #2

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

In my dream, the cast of the Big Bang Theory were in their Living room, but it looked more cabiny, or old, and wooden or something like my house, or grandpa’s old cabin. You know… dark wood. shag carpets… small windows. Raj and Penny had to speak swedish for some reason because Sheldon said they had to. and since they can’t speak swedish they decided to clean the bathroom to escape. Now, I’m in bathroom cleaning and they aren’t and the bathroom is huge, In my bathroom here there’s a place where we keep towels and underneath are shelves. In this bathroom you can walk into a whole other room of dark wood and a tiny window underneath the towels. I was mopping it thoroughly and I looked through the window and not ony was the cast of Big Bang Theory there, but also the Naimi-Roys, a lovely family I love from Vancouver Island. I mopped the window and Bashu noticed me. He came into the bathroom to investigate and all of a sudden we both noticed a fat, raw turkey in the middle of the floor. We had to move it obviously so Bashu picked it up, I tried to help but I was holding  pigs heart. We looked for a place to put it and saw a table from my dining room at home, but it already had a turkey on it, squished by a pile of napkins and dishes .

That’s all i remember….

Reading Week

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Reading week is silly. Wonderful, but for me… silly.

A time to catch up on homework. To travel. to have fun oui?

And yet my big plan is…. a colonoscopy. Serious!

Dad, my brother and I all together for some family bonding. The cancer centre people think we’re nutters.

Tuesday was a horrible day. For one, i was on holiday and I had to wake up at 7 am. Then I had to chug 2 L of yuck. Dad and I (frasers at his own place) had a quick breakfast of toast and tea, played a lot of crib. Every two games or so we’d pour another glass, grimace, clink glasses and chug. The first drink actually wasn’t bad… wasn’t good either though. The drink smelled like pineapple, but didn’t really taste like it. It was like slightly thicker water, kinda sweet. The worst part though is letting all that into your stomach when it doesn’t want it. Too full a tummy is an unhappy tummy. Then… the bathroom runs. expected, but not what I expected. I won’t go into detail… or maybe I will haha, let’s say I never thought you could pee out your bum. Odd ain’t it? and gross sorry.

anyway two L in the morning, a whole schwack of Gatorade through the day and no food. I was sooo hungry, some broth and cribbage for lunch and dinner, then 2 more L of Colyte at night. I was hungry and grumpy. Yuck yuck yuck.

The next day was… surprisingly not bad. We all went to the centre, and waited to be called in one at a time, I got a bed next to Fraser, which was nice, I got to say “have fun!’ when he was wheeled away for his turn. Got a blue hospital gown and an IV thingy in my arm and then waited for my turn. When it came, it was a bit embarrasing, but you get over it. A guy and a girl doctor and a huge flatscreen TV you turn and face. They fixed something into my IV and then i fell asleep watching the ‘movie’ (my colon, though it looked something like a kaleidoscope in the 60’s when you’re falling asleep) The embarrassing part is that i wasn’t asleep when they exposed my bum. 😦

then I was back in my spot, tired and dozy and happy. ready to go home and eat. Walking was tough, I was still kinda tripped out from whatever they gave me. but it makes you happy so thats good. and voila… done.

Weird two days for sure.

The sucky part again? I just cleansed myself, and the very next day my body decides its girly time. Grrrr.


February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love Skating! I’ve had such a craving for it recently, finally I grabbed my skates, grabbed my friend Eric and went to the Oval ( fraser told me it was free with a food donation!) cept when we got there it had just closed, so we left our food there and went to the Olympic Plaza. Very lovely, I felt like I could do laps for hours, I think I’ll have to go back a lot more before it melts. mmm! Also, I had planned to go to Lloyds with Katimavik alumni (just emma and me it turned out) so we rollerrinked it up and bladed for 2 hours. It felt awesome. There were lots of really awesome people there, speedskaters by the looks of it and old dancers and more, as the night wore on, people started dwindling out leaving the enthusiasts more room to speed. they;d form a line and zoom past you. It looked like fun to me so for the last twenty minutes I followed them tracking one and trying to keep pace or, in the least, catch up. I worked up a sweat and didn’t want to stop  the adrenaline felt so good.

Yup, I definitely need to skate more. Feels Great!


February 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have lost my favourite Cd’s. To make them more portable than my Cd suitcase, I put them in my favourite “cd” case . A round box with a geisha on the lid. so to make up for this I’ve been making cd’s like crazy. the latest includes many of my favourites, and this made me want to list some songs I really like.

We Tigers – Animal Collective

Apology – Shane Koyczan (okay I couldn’t find this to put on it, but i really wanted it)

The General – Dispatch

Jeruselum – Dan Bern

Space Oddity – David Bowie

If that’s what you’re into – Flight of the Conchords

Living Room – Tegan and Sarah

The tallest man, the broadest – Sufjan Stevens

Champagne Supernova – Oasis

Gift of the Trees – Xavier Rudd

El Agua de la Vida – Salsa Celtica

Turn Into – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Funkier than a mosquitos Tweeter – Nikka Costa (Though I much prefer Five star affairs version)

Do you Realize? – Flaming Lips

Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend

Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

Sleepyhead – Passion Pit

Thats Amore – Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

Thats my latest Cd, though I feel like I should have also added

Bananaman – Tally Hall


Runs in the Family  – Amanda Palmer

Yay Music!

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