Weekend Fun

February 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

This weekend was spent both being productive, and having fun! ( though nothing involving schoolwork unfortunately for my procrastination… )

Saturday I couldn’t get a hold of friends, and i was feeling like skating and geocaching… but, I decided I should clean the bathrooms first, because that is my chore this week, but as of this year when I am set a chore, I have been facing them head on and full force rather than the lax jobs i’ve done in the past. I spent at least 4 hours in that bathroom. I have never moved in my life and our cleaning jobs have more or less been always fairly slack, adding things to cupboards, taking things out… caring more about what company will see without snooping into anything, so we hide things and don’t bother too hard. In these cupboards i found about 30 bottles of expired sunscreen, a diaper (I’m the youngest…) boxes of soap…. spilt goo everywhere… It was chaos!! I filled the entire bathroom floor bringing it all out to sort. Magazines crowded the shelves and you worried about things falling out and never knew what truly lurked beneath. But now look at it!

under the sink, goo everywhere! now it's pretty!

I never really knew what was in here... and know you can see everything! nothing hiding!

The night was spent at the Sansoms ( my friend Tyler’s family) to celebrate Mr Trueman’s 50th. We actually put 50 candles on the brownie cake! and accidently lit the outside ones first, not a good idea. Then Morgan, Riley, Eric and I played Wii. Wii are fit!

ah haaa

Sunday was LOVELY. Felt like Katimavik times again, Morgan, Makyee and Emma all of Katimavik Alumni status came over in PJs and we had brunch together, simply beautiful, and then we played artist upstairs listening to music and drinking tea for some four hours. Mmmmmmmmm! Content meditation.

morgan making yummy Hashbrowns!


this is what came from me playing artist

I wonder what fun i’ll have next weekend! 🙂


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