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February 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

For once, i’m actually getting things done, twice a week i have a four hour break of nothing between my classes, but today I actually used it! I got all my art history homework done and elementary art stuff done and I had a wonderful lunch two days in a day and had tea and water and good things!

Mmmm and to relate to the conversations I had today during my homework spree :

An interesting artist to look at relating to a feminist stereotype we’ve all seen before. Paula Rego disrupts the stereotypes in Disney films, like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Fantasia. You all know about how in Disney’s World the females are white and soft undefined and porcelain, graceful tall and poised. Now take a look at these paintings, i really like em, these women  are how women are in reality. Ungainly, awkward, provocative and well, not as pretty.

Poises aren’t exactly what you expect, but it’s real, i really like how Rego did this. She’s got plenty more to look into as well for more.

Talking to Lexi too, i listened to a quite marvelous funny band called ‘Cheese on Bread’

I like Cheese

very short and perfect for Lexi and I!

Speaking of veganism check out lunch the past two days – YUMM!

Hummous BBQ vegan Pizza!

Pitas and Hummous!



§ 2 Responses to Productivity Machine

  • Lexi says:

    your pizza looks divine!!
    i think i’m going to end up commenting on every single one of your posts, just because i love you!!
    i really like her paintings! the snow white one you show there was the first one i came across. i didn’t really know what to think! why is she on the floor & pulling her dress down? i feel like there is more to that painting than it is letting on!
    as for pitas, i want to show you how to make naans! so easy & delicious!

  • Hey I LOVE comments! the best part is sharing opinions to posts, kinda reminds me of all the west islanders and their facebook notes, cept i find it easier to blog than to facebook, weee
    HOW do you make NAANS?
    You do know that i am a naan inside out?

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