February 6th 2010

February 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yesterday I had to get up early for french class, on Fridays the class is at 8 am, but to get to school my dad gives me a ride on his way to work, so I get there at 7 am. Gross eh? Now, I’ve stayed up kinda late lately and getting up early for school, and when I lose sleep, I usually get sick.

Voila, today I feel crummy in my tummy and my nose is a running away. I still went to work however full steam for our field trip to the bowling alley with half the elementary schools involved in the bridge foundation. My group was thankfully well-behaved and they bowled happily, spotting me a turn every once in a while, and my friend Morgan whom I haven’t worked with yet ( she got the job recently and we are at different schools) was only 2 lanes away, so we danced and had good fun. Though dancing, and cheering on my team while sick made me feel even more crummy, and somewhat gassy :O

Today I had to cancel a date with my friend Kristen because I am not too up for it in my stomachal area. But I still wanted to do something special while I am at home alone to make me feel better, so here I am, munching some veggie chili I made yesterday and in the process of making, for the very first time – Beavertails! mmmmmmmm

Beavertails are a Canadian delicacy originating from Ottawa, and they’ve sneaked their way mostly into Quebec, and a few choice spots through the country. Basically like the American ‘elephant ears’ but better because … well because I love em. My favourite ones to get when I’m in Ottawa are the ones slathered in Nutella, peanut butter, and Reese Pieces, SO delicious and an awesome sugar high at that!

I believe the last one I had ( though I searched frantically through Montreal in November to no avail) was on a night I felt highly Canadian and proud of it. June 23rd, in Gatineau, it was my Katimavik groups last night before heading our separate ways after 9  months constantly together. It was also the eve of the biggest Québécois celebration ever; St. Jean-Baptiste. Our project leader Nate had been very kind and bought us tickets to the festival across the river in Gatineau, the main event being a concert featuring ‘Les Cowboys Fringants’ whom I have already mentioned a couple days ago. There was a ‘Queue de Castor’ booth setup and I got myself a maple syrup covered beavertail ad danced among the blue-and-white Fleur de Lys clad party goers. It went on to fireworks at midnight over the beach along the St. Laurent. Remarkable night to remember.

With those memories at heart, I make these, and they’d better turn out well, I fear they might not, as my vegan tendencies have made me switch eggs for flax seed and milk for soy milk.


Here they are – the first two i cooked a bit long and they weren’t that great, but after that it was super yummy! I just wish I had better toppings, all I could find was cinnamon and sugar.

Taking the pictures was tricky, I lost my camera last year somewhere between BC and Saskatchewan, and my grandpa pilfered my memory card out of my old broken camera, and mom took hers to Canmore. But as I was baking I was talking to Jason on Skype, and since I didn’t know how to use my web cam, he took a picture from the Skype screen!


and Yummy! you can see the one I was eating there...

Recipe : http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/canada/beaver-tails.htm


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