February 7th 2010

February 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Today I got to finally hang out with Lisa. I haven’t seen her since October as she lives in Red Deer.  I showed her the house and she reminisced, in high school there was hardly a day when we were apart, and she especially missed our cat Pywacket and my dad. So she was quite happy, having a bite at the Meet (new place joined to the Coup, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant) and then tea and a hot tub with Morgan for a few hours, we relaxed and caught up. I miss Lisa, she is one in a million, tripping over herself and batting her cowlike eyelashes. However feminine and soft her features are she will always insist that she is masculine in every way and she has tales of her latest bruises and embarrassing incidents. Always a laugh that girl, and I’m glad I knew the before and after part of her, remembering her when she was a shy girl afraid of germs and human contact. Now she’s as huggy as I am and more confident than ever.

After the visits and I returned home, dad watching the Superbowl I spent the night watching the movie ‘Driving Lessons’ a british film with the same actors that play Ron and Molly Weasley in Harry Potter.

Two quotes I wanted to share on here:

“Some mysteries I’ll never understand: the way the Earth rotates around the sun, three minutes shorter every day. Or the way the dead are gone. Or putting down the phone or turning a corner. The future: that’s another whopper. We can never know what we can never know, except, that whoever you are, and whoever I am, you made it allright to be me.”

“You’re in the middle of nowhere!” – “Then I’ll cling to the edges of somewhere!”


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