Dream Log #1

February 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night I had 3 dreams. two of them being very interesting.

One i was simply in the process of getting face wash and deodorant, two items I have not remembered to have for quite a long time.

The next though involved skydiving, and the weird part is, to begin, we didn’t drop out of a plane or anything, you lay out you’re parachute on the group and jump and somehow you’d be lifted into the air, higher with every jump, once very high in the air, you could rid yourself of the parachute and free fall doing somersaults and dives, being lifted higher into the air every time you made a star shape with your body and caught the air underneath. I had a couple of friends with me, can’t remember exactly who but Tyler was there. We were freaked out that our instructor didnt give us any directions really but merely wanted us to drop to the ground, saying that we could land lightly at the end, but after diving and playing in the air, i’d let out the chute again and indeed land wonderfully, where we could start the whole process over and over again, each time more confident. The surroundings were kinda weird too, like I was in some, graphed out digital world with not many features. I felt wonderful in it though.

The next dream ( in the same night) I was with my friend Morgan and probably some others as well and we were running from something, we were going from hut to hut, and these huts were well furnished tribal houses with sheets pots, ad blankets everywhere, there was only one person spotted by us, and they quickly fled. He looked like a teenager sort of, but with a lot of tribal paint on himself and bones. Otherwise what we did see a lot of in the houses were animals. Every once in a while the cushions in the huts would have a dog or cat in it waiting to be pet. Very well groomed to. The houses all had a lot of warm colours, deep reds, and natural lighting, though mostly dark, we had beer running through swamp and rocks and caves in and out of these houses, but we’d pause sometimes, when a really comfy spot came along, and we’d rest and snuggle in with the dogs and cats for a while, before we realized we still had to keep moving.

I wonder what they mean, but I’m going to mark down all the dreams I can remember now, more and more now I have sleeps with dreams that I can remember. Might as well keep track!


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