A good night

February 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love my friend Morgan, every once in awhile (a lot) we get together, ignore our homework, and have a perfect time. The latest time of this was on thursday where I coerced my friend to come over with promises of humus and bbq pizza, homemade Reese pieces, tea and Driving Lessons. Parfait? Je pense que.

She came over, we put in some tunes and caught up over pizza making and eating a tray of Reese pieces. Finally pizza was done and we had tea, pizza, extra humus with crackers, and more chocolate ( of course!) We watched Driving Lessons together, even though I had just seen it was so good watching it again with Morgan, both of us giddy over every detail of the movie. Yay!

Perfect I think, By the end of the night, we had giddy grins on our faces, and a full tummy.

I love nights like this.

Hope Morgan got that essay done that I convinced her to put off.. hahaha.

Reese Pieces

melt chocolate chips in a greased saucepan.

mix peanut butter and sugar together (magic bullet makes it NIICE)

grease tiny ( or big?!) muffin pans

pour chocolate enough to cover bottom of muffin cup

pour peanut butter

pour chocolate again



(note: a knife or spoon of some sort may be needed to pry out frozen Reese pieces)

(also: they melt fast, so EAT fast!)


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