Opening Ceremonies

February 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was dead tired yesterday I had taken a total of maybe 5 hours of naps at school I was so beat, I didn’t care it was Olympics starting tonight. I didn’t want to watch. But mom invited over friends and I watched. I’m glad I did.

Canada proved themselves well done with their performance at the opening ceremonies. carrying the flag we had people like Donald Sutherland, Betty fox, Anne Murray, Bobby Or… Singers like Sarah Maclachlen, Bryan Adams and Kd Lang ( she did a beautiful version of hallelujah) Different aspects of our culture showed last night through aboriginal dancing, Aurora Borealis, Spirit bears, maple leaves, snowboarding, Rockies, prairies, fiddlers (led by Ashley Macisaac), giant cedars, orcas, and more. not much on the multiculturalism of Canada, but still, Well done. The LED lighting technology was astounding and people on wires and everything. Very cool. You just don’t want to be watching this next to my mom who points out every person in the crowd who was not wearing a white shirt, and how disgusting the fiddlers tattoos are (I thought they looked awesome)

Speeches were perfect, with quick, respectful rewrites to mourn Georgian Athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili who died yesterday morning during a final practice run on the luge track. The speeches were perfectly reflective of this and the upcoming unity of the countries together in the next 16 days. Georgians wore their black armbands, and everyone stood in respect as they passed.

The only odd part of this all was the torch lighting. Rick Hanson, Steve Nash, Catriona Doan,  Nancy Greene, and Wayne Gretzky all waited for more than usual suspension waiting for the fourth ice shard to come up from the floor for the simultaneous torch lighting, instead two of them watched while three lit the torch. Since this was the first indoor torch lighting, and a very big flame, there was a worry of whether the roof would melt and fall in before they would be able to get the outdoor torch lit, Wayne Gretzky, who was going to be taking the longest run to the waterside outdoor torch caught a ride on a truck instead of running in the pouring rain to get there in time before the roof would collapse.

Oh my. Well other than that, it was amazing.

I was really impressed to see an appearance by Shane Koyczan, Penticton Spoken word artist that I had only recently heard about from Teegan and Paul (my brother). He is so amazing.

Here is the first ‘song’ I heard from him on the CD Teegan gave me on Christmas.

and minus the drums, this is the song Ashley Macisaac performed at the ceremony


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