February 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I love Skating! I’ve had such a craving for it recently, finally I grabbed my skates, grabbed my friend Eric and went to the Oval ( fraser told me it was free with a food donation!) cept when we got there it had just closed, so we left our food there and went to the Olympic Plaza. Very lovely, I felt like I could do laps for hours, I think I’ll have to go back a lot more before it melts. mmm! Also, I had planned to go to Lloyds with Katimavik alumni (just emma and me it turned out) so we rollerrinked it up and bladed for 2 hours. It felt awesome. There were lots of really awesome people there, speedskaters by the looks of it and old dancers and more, as the night wore on, people started dwindling out leaving the enthusiasts more room to speed. they;d form a line and zoom past you. It looked like fun to me so for the last twenty minutes I followed them tracking one and trying to keep pace or, in the least, catch up. I worked up a sweat and didn’t want to stop  the adrenaline felt so good.

Yup, I definitely need to skate more. Feels Great!


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