Dream Log #2

February 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

In my dream, the cast of the Big Bang Theory were in their Living room, but it looked more cabiny, or old, and wooden or something like my house, or grandpa’s old cabin. You know… dark wood. shag carpets… small windows. Raj and Penny had to speak swedish for some reason because Sheldon said they had to. and since they can’t speak swedish they decided to clean the bathroom to escape. Now, I’m in bathroom cleaning and they aren’t and the bathroom is huge, In my bathroom here there’s a place where we keep towels and underneath are shelves. In this bathroom you can walk into a whole other room of dark wood and a tiny window underneath the towels. I was mopping it thoroughly and I looked through the window and not ony was the cast of Big Bang Theory there, but also the Naimi-Roys, a lovely family I love from Vancouver Island. I mopped the window and Bashu noticed me. He came into the bathroom to investigate and all of a sudden we both noticed a fat, raw turkey in the middle of the floor. We had to move it obviously so Bashu picked it up, I tried to help but I was holding  pigs heart. We looked for a place to put it and saw a table from my dining room at home, but it already had a turkey on it, squished by a pile of napkins and dishes .

That’s all i remember….


§ One Response to Dream Log #2

  • IluvTBBT says:

    I love TBBT ^^ My girlfriend and I watch it all the time and we were laughing our asses off at Sheldon’s antics (or lack thereof). Poor girl. She was practically throwing herself at him lol. Oh Sheldon, Sheldon.

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