Reading Week

February 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Reading week is silly. Wonderful, but for me… silly.

A time to catch up on homework. To travel. to have fun oui?

And yet my big plan is…. a colonoscopy. Serious!

Dad, my brother and I all together for some family bonding. The cancer centre people think we’re nutters.

Tuesday was a horrible day. For one, i was on holiday and I had to wake up at 7 am. Then I had to chug 2 L of yuck. Dad and I (frasers at his own place) had a quick breakfast of toast and tea, played a lot of crib. Every two games or so we’d pour another glass, grimace, clink glasses and chug. The first drink actually wasn’t bad… wasn’t good either though. The drink smelled like pineapple, but didn’t really taste like it. It was like slightly thicker water, kinda sweet. The worst part though is letting all that into your stomach when it doesn’t want it. Too full a tummy is an unhappy tummy. Then… the bathroom runs. expected, but not what I expected. I won’t go into detail… or maybe I will haha, let’s say I never thought you could pee out your bum. Odd ain’t it? and gross sorry.

anyway two L in the morning, a whole schwack of Gatorade through the day and no food. I was sooo hungry, some broth and cribbage for lunch and dinner, then 2 more L of Colyte at night. I was hungry and grumpy. Yuck yuck yuck.

The next day was… surprisingly not bad. We all went to the centre, and waited to be called in one at a time, I got a bed next to Fraser, which was nice, I got to say “have fun!’ when he was wheeled away for his turn. Got a blue hospital gown and an IV thingy in my arm and then waited for my turn. When it came, it was a bit embarrasing, but you get over it. A guy and a girl doctor and a huge flatscreen TV you turn and face. They fixed something into my IV and then i fell asleep watching the ‘movie’ (my colon, though it looked something like a kaleidoscope in the 60’s when you’re falling asleep) The embarrassing part is that i wasn’t asleep when they exposed my bum. 😦

then I was back in my spot, tired and dozy and happy. ready to go home and eat. Walking was tough, I was still kinda tripped out from whatever they gave me. but it makes you happy so thats good. and voila… done.

Weird two days for sure.

The sucky part again? I just cleansed myself, and the very next day my body decides its girly time. Grrrr.


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