February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010 § Leave a comment


a Saturday. Quite lovely in my mind. a day for adventure.

I did sleep for half of it however, as Morgan and I were chatting and dinnering and “homeworking” (there are few environments in which I can actually get things done) at Makyee cat’s place, after which we had drinks at Timmy Ho’s and chatted, and then attempted kidnapping Tyler at 1:15 am ( we saw his light on and actually got him in the car, he was clever though and kept a foot out the door of the car. Next time… And then, another hour of chat and earl grey tea at my house. so it was maybe 3 am before i slept.

Today I made pancakes. Earl grey, orange juice. Eat pray love and Pywacket made a lovely morning. And fa full tummy. I made a plan and set out to accomplish it. I dressed in my favourite clothes ( mom thought it was odd, but I feel so…. ME. ) and walked to the armory by the science centre to look for a geocache. Failed, but I’ll try again on my way home. caught the C-train and talked to man who recently became wheelchair ridden due to a work accident. It’ll be a year before hes up again and he;s still getting used to the free time and boredom. Though he did just play a game of 11 person Yahtzee. Also I had a staring contest with a three-year old sitting across from me. I got out at Olympic Plaza Station, put on my skates and did laps. World Music of winter Afriikadey skating festival was playing through the speakers and feeling wind in my face and skirt i lapped for a good 2 hours or 3. actually got some fresh ice too after a short break watching the Zamboni go round. Later on I met a Calgarian photographer named James Tworow who asked if it was alright if he took pictures because the skirt I was wearing had a neat effect while skating like in Victorian times. I have his card with the Flickr account, so ill check up on that later to see if im there.  I already looked at it, and he takes some really neat shots, mostly of downtown and Stephen avenue happenings.

Olympic Plaza, Calgary


Now It’s homework time. I’m buckling down at yet another coffee shop for a few hours until I can finally call ‘er quits and see my brother play at Tropicana club tonight. He’s in the Kronic Groove Band and I can’t wait to see him, I’ve only see them once and he’s switched instruments since then. (cuz he plays like every instrument known to man.. talented thing)


I got my Natural Science Homework done! now i just have an essay due in a week, and an online midterm in a few days. I walked home to try another stab at the tank. I reread the hint, and realized I looked in the wrong spot! The place I had to look was harder ( actually ON the tank!) but It was evening so less muggles were about. and I found it! Left s button and a key chain ( I have a lot) and got a Janus button. Yay! Now I have a cat, curried rice, mushrooms and onions, and music. good stuff.

treasures and finds


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