Good done day

February 22, 2010 § 3 Comments

CTI’s for everyone! Katimavik Alumni fails at hanging out. Theres a ton out there, and some have good reason, but still! Lately, we’ve planned many events and its been very few people. Today our Brunch involved me and Emma. But it was still a lovely day. Pancakes, Hot cross buns and croissants, juice, and tea. Full tummies and a LONG walk.

We took my GPS out to do the Calgary Downtown Art tour cache, visiting, the Family of Man, Tea Party, and Playful Cubs, we got clues to a final destination, which seemed to be somewhere by Fort Calgary. We must have gotten the clues wrong, because instead of finding a bush to find the cache in, we found a field. So we looked at Fort Calgary a bit and then took a big walk across the river and back home.

Family of Man. I'm tiny!

Emma having tea with Louise McKinney

Playful Cubs and a Playful Me

Bustin down the fort


Pictures! too bad we didn’t find it, but I’m goin after it again soon!

On our way we went onto the island that the zoo is on and I was telling Emma about the new dinosaurs coming to the Calgary zoo. The moving, roaring ones. That got us feeling very in the mood for dinosaurs. So arriving home with tired legs and blisters, we grabbed some popcorn and watched Land before Time. Man it had been so long since I’d seen it, I forgot about Little Foots mom dying. 😦

And then we napped on the floor. Tired Monkeys 🙂

OH! and I went on the Flickr account for James Tworow from yesterday – lookit its me!


§ 3 Responses to Good done day

  • Lexi says:

    Aww.. I wish there were alumni for me to hang out with! I’m the only contact here willing to do recruitment; isn’t that crazy?!
    I haven’t been geocaching in forever! Fingers crossed for this weekend. ALSO! we should geocache &/or skate when I visit you!

  • oh yes yes yes Lady! We will be doing all sorts of fun i tell ya! yeah, theres alumni, but i dont see them often, i stil havent seen the group here, and I never get to recruit 😦
    But yes, go cache lady get on it!

  • James says:

    Hey Anna!

    The photographer guy… So you like the photo I’m guessing, I think it was my favourite of all the photos I took… And here’s the steampunk skating party I told you about…

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