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March 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Tuesday was my first experience with Hot Yoga. I’ve done yoga at home, i teach it at camp, read books and done it on wii and school and who knows where else, and yet I’ve never done it in a classroom like real yoga-goers do. I been getting pretty stressed recently, my happy pills ran out and i forgot to refill, and kickboxing has been making me super sore, I think I’m getting a lot better – my instructor paris me up with the guys and uses me as an example, and my form feels a lot better. One thing not getting too much better though is that i still run out of breath and strength fast. Guh. Oh, and my intructor has decided my nickname is GI Jane with my new haircut.

Anyway, hot yoga. Yeah, Makyee my lovely friend/boss/katimavictim goes to hot yoga al the time and she invited me this week, though im trying not to spend any money, i gave it a shot. I’ve heard so many good things and missed my chance to go in Parksville BC last year.

The yoga center I went to was amazing, utterly perfect experience, with meditation before the room heated and to only sound was of breathing from everyone rhythmically. we reached up and down, held poses for stretching, strength and meditation. The coolest part was at the end we had a savasana rest for awhile. They turned down  the lights a bit more and we lay on our backs breathing and cooling down after the workout. After so long, (i don’t know how long we stayed like that) the instructor rang her singing bowl and we experienced a cooling wash of air over the room. (I say ‘we’ because asking a few afterwards it was a common feeling, probably because they turned off the heat but it was amaazing) I felt so great afterwards and revived and wonderfully happy. I wish i could do it every day. I just can’t afford it… one of these days though, it’ll be regular.



Hair today…

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So for the past few months my darling friend Lexi and I have been fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society. My sister Katy got married last June, and right after her honeymoon she got diagnosed with cancer. Last thursday was her final surgery to get her port out so on sunday Lexi and her boyfriend Scott drove here from Saskatoon and she and I shaved our heads. Gathering around $3500 dollars for the cancer society too! Excellent fundraiser and good Lexi times too!

Donations are still being collected online and in person.

Lexi and I before shave

and After!

Bald is beautiful n’est-ce pas?


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Friday night was the first meeting of the ‘Society Of Friends and Artists’

Put on by River, an old camp counsellour of mine, I hadn’t seen her for a few years but the invite on facebook reminded me of times in Parksville too much to refuse. ‘I have a giant canvas that needs a group collaborative effort! Bring brushes bring mugs for tea and instruments !’ So Morgan and I went to paint, a bit odd at first, I knew River, and a guy named Luca i had went to jr jigh with, and the only other people i might have known knew me as ‘pauls litte sister’ Fortunatly, the vibes are perfect with music, tea and art, and it was a comfortable time being creative and jamming, and petting the cat. There were babies and adults, and at the end of the night, my mom dropped in to add her piece and input into the painting, and do a show and tell of her latest quilts.

This is the end result:

no right way up but Ta Da!

Kronic Groove Band!

March 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last night was the Recycled Funk event at Mount Royal University’s Liberty Lounge, hosted by the sustainability centre. Three bands played, KGB, The Invisible Hand, and Class Action, opened by Joel and Ezra on the guitar.

I didn’t get to see Class Action unfortunatly because KGB ended around 11 or after, and i still had an assignment to do and a test to study for. Too bad, because theres a few people i know in that band and i’ve been meaning to see them many times and I still haven’t.

Awesome time though dancing with friends (for once I actually knew people at a KGB show!) Invited some Katimaivk alumni`s and ran into more friends.

Frasers Face`

Band on stage during a percussion solo

A Good Cultural Time

March 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last night my friend Makyee offered me a ticket to see a concert. “It’s at the Epcor center’ she said, ‘Woodpidgeon will be there. Its a benefit for Haiti.’

I almost forgot about this concert, but fortunately Makyee reminded me and I met her there on time. This was a huge event. Artgoers from Calgary were all gathered to donate to a girls orphanage in Haiti.

Each musical performance had a short film in between, with Olympic athletes in them. These were put on by Bravo!facts.  David Grey from the Radio emcee’d the event and Mayor Dave Bronconnier gave us a short speech as well.

The artists were :

  • The Dudes

These guys looked amazingly Calgarian. Plaid shirt on one guy, leather jacket and jeans on another, and shirt and corduroys on another, moustaches and beard and aviators. They looked very Calgarian, and good music too.

  • Corb Lund

This guy I think I have seen before, but he wasn’t as country then as I remember. He’s a country singer alright, true to the Wild West.

  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra with Kris Demeanor

This I think was my favorite. I have seen the philharmonic lots of times before, but I never was old enough to sit still or appreciate them. Now, listening to the strings and brass, it was purely beautiful. The strings sounded like voices humming and singing, and like a lullaby to be listened to with eyes closed imagining the sounds, and then the horns would break the lullaby and rise up to make your eyes open again. Very cool.  Part of the melody i think might have been ‘sing sweet nightingale’ but the only part i know of that song is from Disney’s Cinderella, and that wasn’t so hot becasue the stepsister was singing then.

A singer sang with them, Kris Demeanor, i do prefer the orchestra without him, but his songs were funny and interesting to hear, though he forgot to censor them, saying he would then apologizing after for saying it anyway.

  • Woodpigeon

Last to play and familiar, i think they organized the youth songwriting contest my old band Cliff Street competed in in High School. Three singers, guitar and bass, and they’re classicly amazing and gentle to listen to.

  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald with his Loud Love Choir

I had never heard of him, but he’s funny, he had a choir of 25 teenagers in jeans, white shirts and coloured scarves or bandanas, one of them with an I ❤ MBF shirt. He seems like a friendly guy and invigted people to chat with him after in the lobby.

  • The Polyjesters and Denise Clarke

This was really cool after playing a couple numbers they introduced Denise Clark on-stage, she looked middle aged, maybe even 50 and in her nightgown, she told us of the story of the next song where they were staggering home at 4 in the morning and a friend they had met was with them and his mother was waiting up for him she is often sleepless with worry over her son. They wrote this lullaby for his mother. And Denise acted out the sleepless mother in a dance as the song sang for her to go to sleep.

  • Jan Lisiecki

This guy opened the show as the first performer, and as we were told of his story, playing at Carnegie Hall and lots of other places I was expecting an old Beethoven type man to play the piano, and instead we found out that Jan is a fourteen year old boy. WOW. incredible.

  • Sheri D. Wilson

A poet giving us the spoken word performance of her love for Alberta.

  • Cantos Music Foundation, playing in the lobby before and during intermission.

I was amazed by the night I had had, and i really needed it too, being busy with school and everything else, seeing live music again was such a huge relief. Super cool.

Dream Log #3

March 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I recently read the book The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, a book telling about a girl who did not behave as girls in rich families should behave, wearing her gloves, hat, and not ripping her dress. Her sister and her must quit school to be married off, but at one of the social partied to meet suitors, Esme is raped and she cannot stop screaming afterwards and her father sends her to an asylum. He doesn’t intend to ever get her. (In that day, this became regular of fathers to send misbehaving wifes and daughters to asylums.)

My dream seemed to be a mix of this book and the movie The Last Unicorn. How they could possibly be mixed I wouldnt be able to describe really but that’s what I dreamt of. The girl’s name was instead Samantha and she had escaped i think with a guy who looked like Jackson Pollock who played the Djembe. They might of died, I can’t remember, but later someone else played the drum and awoke her, but maybe she was a unicorn and eventually she was being chased through waters like in the teacup of Alice in wonderland, then there were unicorns and garbage being emptied from a garbage can or box onto my bed and there were lots of unicorns… but then I heard mom calling me to wake up. Twice she called, so I thought she was angry and we had to leave very soon, so i dressed put on my shoes and I was ready to go, eating breakfast when mom came down the stairs and called for me to wake up. She was surprised to find me already ready in the kitchen. I guess she hadn’t called me, but I had woke up at the right time anyway, thinking she had.

This happens a lot now, I wake up on time to my parents voices in my head. Weird.


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The past two weeks have been, frankly, sucky. I’m way more organized than I’ve eer been before and yet, i still seem to enter my classes at school only to be greeted by a midterm I’m unprepared for, expecting it to come the next day. Midterms essays, homework, everything cimung up much too fast without my preparation and I haven’t slept well these weeks because of all the schoolwork i’ve had to do and now that i’ve applied for explore and concordia i’m stuck playing the waiting game for respinses. I want to know what I’m doing next year, next summer, whether I’ll be here, montreal, Bc, or who knows where. I want to know whether i should be taking out a student loan or not, work at camp during the summer or not. Live with Jason, or stay here.

My classes are fun, but I have always had a problem keeping up the habit of homework. In elementray all to highschool, I was able to breeze along not doing any homework. In elementary and junior high it would get done in class, in high school I just didn’t do it, learning everything in class enough to dop ewll on my tests. Though I regret not doing the homework, because there was always a lot of marks put on it. So now, trying to form this habit i’ve never had, is seeming difficult. I’m getting better, but it’s hard knowing how bad at this habit I am and knowing tht for once, it actually counts for something I really care about. Getting into Conordia. Guh.

Since the start  of Reading Week, which led into Midterm time, I haven’t moved as much as I did in January and I can feel myself getting so tired and my muscles tightening with stress and no stretching. I want to sped all my time climbing, kickboxing, walking and running and everything, but I need to do homework. At least I have started climbing twice a week again, and kickboxing is now twice a week. It’s very nice outside too, and geocaching is doing muchos well.

Good things… though i still wouldn’t mind fast forwarding to the spring.

Another awesome thing – Katy visited! I got to hang with my sister all week, going for walks and watching movies. Her surgery was put off till the end of the month which made her very mad, but later on it got moved up again to next week, so this is exciting. Pretty soon she’ll be completely done about cancer. We had dinner at the Calgary Tower, the second time i’ve been there in my life, to celebrate Katy’s getting trough the year, and my Dad’s Birthday. Kat, my brothers girlfriend has an uncle there who is the executive chef. Very cool, he came out to say hi, and Kat got to go stir a pot and say hi to her dishwashing brother. I’m hanging out and talking with Katy a lot more now, I really like it, since she moved out when i was 10 we never really bonded. This year has been good for something at least.

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