March 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

The past two weeks have been, frankly, sucky. I’m way more organized than I’ve eer been before and yet, i still seem to enter my classes at school only to be greeted by a midterm I’m unprepared for, expecting it to come the next day. Midterms essays, homework, everything cimung up much too fast without my preparation and I haven’t slept well these weeks because of all the schoolwork i’ve had to do and now that i’ve applied for explore and concordia i’m stuck playing the waiting game for respinses. I want to know what I’m doing next year, next summer, whether I’ll be here, montreal, Bc, or who knows where. I want to know whether i should be taking out a student loan or not, work at camp during the summer or not. Live with Jason, or stay here.

My classes are fun, but I have always had a problem keeping up the habit of homework. In elementray all to highschool, I was able to breeze along not doing any homework. In elementary and junior high it would get done in class, in high school I just didn’t do it, learning everything in class enough to dop ewll on my tests. Though I regret not doing the homework, because there was always a lot of marks put on it. So now, trying to form this habit i’ve never had, is seeming difficult. I’m getting better, but it’s hard knowing how bad at this habit I am and knowing tht for once, it actually counts for something I really care about. Getting into Conordia. Guh.

Since the start  of Reading Week, which led into Midterm time, I haven’t moved as much as I did in January and I can feel myself getting so tired and my muscles tightening with stress and no stretching. I want to sped all my time climbing, kickboxing, walking and running and everything, but I need to do homework. At least I have started climbing twice a week again, and kickboxing is now twice a week. It’s very nice outside too, and geocaching is doing muchos well.

Good things… though i still wouldn’t mind fast forwarding to the spring.

Another awesome thing – Katy visited! I got to hang with my sister all week, going for walks and watching movies. Her surgery was put off till the end of the month which made her very mad, but later on it got moved up again to next week, so this is exciting. Pretty soon she’ll be completely done about cancer. We had dinner at the Calgary Tower, the second time i’ve been there in my life, to celebrate Katy’s getting trough the year, and my Dad’s Birthday. Kat, my brothers girlfriend has an uncle there who is the executive chef. Very cool, he came out to say hi, and Kat got to go stir a pot and say hi to her dishwashing brother. I’m hanging out and talking with Katy a lot more now, I really like it, since she moved out when i was 10 we never really bonded. This year has been good for something at least.


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