Dream Log #3

March 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I recently read the book The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, a book telling about a girl who did not behave as girls in rich families should behave, wearing her gloves, hat, and not ripping her dress. Her sister and her must quit school to be married off, but at one of the social partied to meet suitors, Esme is raped and she cannot stop screaming afterwards and her father sends her to an asylum. He doesn’t intend to ever get her. (In that day, this became regular of fathers to send misbehaving wifes and daughters to asylums.)

My dream seemed to be a mix of this book and the movie The Last Unicorn. How they could possibly be mixed I wouldnt be able to describe really but that’s what I dreamt of. The girl’s name was instead Samantha and she had escaped i think with a guy who looked like Jackson Pollock who played the Djembe. They might of died, I can’t remember, but later someone else played the drum and awoke her, but maybe she was a unicorn and eventually she was being chased through waters like in the teacup of Alice in wonderland, then there were unicorns and garbage being emptied from a garbage can or box onto my bed and there were lots of unicorns… but then I heard mom calling me to wake up. Twice she called, so I thought she was angry and we had to leave very soon, so i dressed put on my shoes and I was ready to go, eating breakfast when mom came down the stairs and called for me to wake up. She was surprised to find me already ready in the kitchen. I guess she hadn’t called me, but I had woke up at the right time anyway, thinking she had.

This happens a lot now, I wake up on time to my parents voices in my head. Weird.


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