A Good Cultural Time

March 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

Last night my friend Makyee offered me a ticket to see a concert. “It’s at the Epcor center’ she said, ‘Woodpidgeon will be there. Its a benefit for Haiti.’

I almost forgot about this concert, but fortunately Makyee reminded me and I met her there on time. This was a huge event. Artgoers from Calgary were all gathered to donate to a girls orphanage in Haiti.

Each musical performance had a short film in between, with Olympic athletes in them. These were put on by Bravo!facts.  David Grey from the Radio emcee’d the event and Mayor Dave Bronconnier gave us a short speech as well.

The artists were :

  • The Dudes

These guys looked amazingly Calgarian. Plaid shirt on one guy, leather jacket and jeans on another, and shirt and corduroys on another, moustaches and beard and aviators. They looked very Calgarian, and good music too.

  • Corb Lund

This guy I think I have seen before, but he wasn’t as country then as I remember. He’s a country singer alright, true to the Wild West.

  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra with Kris Demeanor

This I think was my favorite. I have seen the philharmonic lots of times before, but I never was old enough to sit still or appreciate them. Now, listening to the strings and brass, it was purely beautiful. The strings sounded like voices humming and singing, and like a lullaby to be listened to with eyes closed imagining the sounds, and then the horns would break the lullaby and rise up to make your eyes open again. Very cool.  Part of the melody i think might have been ‘sing sweet nightingale’ but the only part i know of that song is from Disney’s Cinderella, and that wasn’t so hot becasue the stepsister was singing then.

A singer sang with them, Kris Demeanor, i do prefer the orchestra without him, but his songs were funny and interesting to hear, though he forgot to censor them, saying he would then apologizing after for saying it anyway.

  • Woodpigeon

Last to play and familiar, i think they organized the youth songwriting contest my old band Cliff Street competed in in High School. Three singers, guitar and bass, and they’re classicly amazing and gentle to listen to.

  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald with his Loud Love Choir

I had never heard of him, but he’s funny, he had a choir of 25 teenagers in jeans, white shirts and coloured scarves or bandanas, one of them with an I ❤ MBF shirt. He seems like a friendly guy and invigted people to chat with him after in the lobby.

  • The Polyjesters and Denise Clarke

This was really cool after playing a couple numbers they introduced Denise Clark on-stage, she looked middle aged, maybe even 50 and in her nightgown, she told us of the story of the next song where they were staggering home at 4 in the morning and a friend they had met was with them and his mother was waiting up for him she is often sleepless with worry over her son. They wrote this lullaby for his mother. And Denise acted out the sleepless mother in a dance as the song sang for her to go to sleep.

  • Jan Lisiecki

This guy opened the show as the first performer, and as we were told of his story, playing at Carnegie Hall and lots of other places I was expecting an old Beethoven type man to play the piano, and instead we found out that Jan is a fourteen year old boy. WOW. incredible.

  • Sheri D. Wilson

A poet giving us the spoken word performance of her love for Alberta.

  • Cantos Music Foundation, playing in the lobby before and during intermission.

I was amazed by the night I had had, and i really needed it too, being busy with school and everything else, seeing live music again was such a huge relief. Super cool.


§ One Response to A Good Cultural Time

  • Lexi says:

    Corb Lund sings a good song called “Long Gone to Saskatchewan” that makes me laugh every time I hear it.

    I can’t wait to see you! We must dance together!

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