Hot head

March 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Tuesday was my first experience with Hot Yoga. I’ve done yoga at home, i teach it at camp, read books and done it on wii and school and who knows where else, and yet I’ve never done it in a classroom like real yoga-goers do. I been getting pretty stressed recently, my happy pills ran out and i forgot to refill, and kickboxing has been making me super sore, I think I’m getting a lot better – my instructor paris me up with the guys and uses me as an example, and my form feels a lot better. One thing not getting too much better though is that i still run out of breath and strength fast. Guh. Oh, and my intructor has decided my nickname is GI Jane with my new haircut.

Anyway, hot yoga. Yeah, Makyee my lovely friend/boss/katimavictim goes to hot yoga al the time and she invited me this week, though im trying not to spend any money, i gave it a shot. I’ve heard so many good things and missed my chance to go in Parksville BC last year.

The yoga center I went to was amazing, utterly perfect experience, with meditation before the room heated and to only sound was of breathing from everyone rhythmically. we reached up and down, held poses for stretching, strength and meditation. The coolest part was at the end we had a savasana rest for awhile. They turned down  the lights a bit more and we lay on our backs breathing and cooling down after the workout. After so long, (i don’t know how long we stayed like that) the instructor rang her singing bowl and we experienced a cooling wash of air over the room. (I say ‘we’ because asking a few afterwards it was a common feeling, probably because they turned off the heat but it was amaazing) I felt so great afterwards and revived and wonderfully happy. I wish i could do it every day. I just can’t afford it… one of these days though, it’ll be regular.



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