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Friday was the start of Katimaviks billeting period, and as I miss the Katimalife, I just had to offer up our family. Billeting is the part of the Katimavik program where each participant goes separate ways for nine days, each going into a home of a local family. This gives the participant the opportunity to relax, have some tie away from the group, and get to know the community more.

Day before billeting the Katimavik group were at an open mic at The House (fair trade coffee-house) and alumni were invited to come and meet them and watch, so naturally we all showed up, knowing each other already from the wonderful connections Katimavik brings (Morgan ive known since i was six, Emma had been in my Katimavik house the trimester after i was there and i was in her Katimavik house the trimester before she was there, Kyle I’m recruiting with at a high school this week, Lisa I was in University with and we got to know each other from spotting Katimashirts and buttons, we’ve each met a group last year, though at different times, Teddy I hugged on a Manitoba highway a year ago after hearing he was the Calgarian in the group that we found while driving, and Makyee I met in Ottawa while I was in Orleans) The degrees of separation within Katimavik are very close-knit.

So we were almost a katimagroup in our own, hugging and laughing and singing, and bombarding this fresh new group of one month into the programness. It was quite nice sharing our stories and being very outgoing and seeing the expressions on the groups faces from seeing what they were going to become. Unfortunately, my billet wasn’t there, but I did pick him up on Friday, signing forms and Mom getting her 10$ a day for taking him, we noticed it was like a rent-a-kid service. we took him home and Morgan and I took him out geocaching. Now he’s obsessed after finding his first cache in the metal suspension of the CPR railway bridge.

Saturday found us geocaching some more while roller blading down the river and practicing Poi (also another obsession of his now that he’s quite pleased about) Saturday night however was amazing. A few of the Katimakids were invited to a party called ‘Alice in Waterland’ a group of people were fundraising to travel the country blessing water with crystals. The backyard had mushroom lamps and cards hanging from trees and a tea party set up, but this had to all be under tarps because Calgary decided that no, it is not springtime yet, let’s have a big snowstorm. In another backyard was a hookah tent and inside there was a table set up with tea from all the local tea houses (Steeps, Oolong, Teopia, and another i can’t recall) The basement had cushions for talking on and a dance for flailing limbs. It was the Upstairs that I stayed in the entire night because there was a room filled with cushions and lamps and plants and crystals and sheets on the ceiling and walls. Sitting around the room on the cushions was a sitar player, a guitarist, a guy in aviators singing, a few drums, and as I started to play on the djembe more people with instruments came including a cello, a squeeze-box, an acoustic bass, and a didgeridoo. It was amazing, people sang songs, some i recognized, some i think were made up on the spot, but we played late into the night, drinking tea, sage burning nearby, and it felt lovely.


Sew Good!

April 19, 2010 § 1 Comment for some SO GOOOD action…

This weekend was spent NOT studying… I’ll get around to it though… after 3 hour walks with my good friend-dog Gentle Ben and My darling Kristen (i love hanging out with her, she gets me so pumped for my health cuz she’s taking all these courses of aromatherapy and massage and nutrition and wonderfullness, she tried out some lymphatic drainage on me too.. neat stuff!) and babysitting, it turned into a sunday of chocolate chip vegan cookies and sewing!

I finally finished projects! (really badly, but hey I actually finished a sewing project in my life!

Celebrate with me!

T shirt blanket!

Yeah there’s an upside down row.. and it’s really small.. but I can add more right? anyway, the shirts are old so it’s really comfy

The back

Also, Inspired by Leethal’s knitting and sewing site, I made a hat from one of our neckwarmers!


I also altered the plaid shirt to fit me cuz it was a big man one from the clothing exchange, also from the clothing exchange i got a dogshirt, but again it was really big.. so poof! new shirt.

And that’s my sewing today! hopefully I’ll be able to make a few more things before I leave on May 3rd.


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Okay short post, but this was really cute

I aws babysitting last night and i was putting the boys to bed and normally Kadin is really hard to get to sleep so i was being kinda tough with him and he had kept coming out of his room for different reasons and the last time it was because he had a nosebleed so we went to the bathroom and he knew what to do rolling up pieces of toilet paper and shoving them up his nose. He didnt say anything but he started handing me the toilet paper so I could prepare the nose cloggers, i had them in a line waiting for him to shove them up his nose. After a long while his nose had run out and he went back to his room.

I told him that i was downstairs if I needed him, not a minute later he was at the top of the stairs saying he needed me,

I followed him in the room and asked him ‘what to you need?’

he pulled back a corner of his sheets beside him and he patted the bed and said ‘for you to rest here’

so i clambered in beside him and we stared at the ceiling and i waited for him to fall asleep.

But after 3 minutes of waiting he nudged me with his shoulder and said ‘you can go now’

and he fell asleep.

Finally, another good night

April 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been blogging less and less it seems as exams draw near and all the homework is due, and, as I leave May 3rd to not come back till start/end of august/who knows when. My life plan seems due as well. Quite stressful and Its turned me into a tv slumped cat mimicking bum of a girl. Kickboxing cheers me up whenever it come around, though I have had my final class this week, and Pywacket cheers me up but it almost seems like I’m taking on more qualities in him than I thought, All I want to do is roll around, sleep, eat, be petted and poop. The petting is hard to come by as there’s so few people around and my parents have grown rather tired of me rolling across their lap and staring at them meowing and complaining. (sadly… this is not an exaggeration) But! every so often there’s a good night, and so finally i’m back on the computer and ready to write.

Tonight was a mixture of two events, very much needed as I had a breakdown until 2 am last night and slept in till 12 today. Got groceries and contacts with mom, moved a microwave and mattress, and half moved a box spring with her, made hummous and pitas, stuffed my backpack with them and assorted clothing, and went to work. It was a beautiful day, for once it’s actually t-shirt weather. It was HOT! We had work outside, and I taught the kids the tag-rock-paper-scissors game of giants wizards elves and there was kickball and their playground is magnificent! Love it love it, I may have to go back there with a camera for some playtime. anytway, i was in a rush because work ends at 5 15 and KGB had a show at 4 30 (or so i thought) I got there during their second song. On the first t shirt day, they had an outdoor show at Olympic plaza (where I skated before) It was wonderful, drinking a bubble tea smoothie and dancing and saying hi to my bro and later talking with Makyee and Morgan who both showed up too late (though Morgan did catch a bit of the last song) I thought I was going to rush to the next event, but the band only played a few songs, so i got to have some sit down time and ask Fraser for a ride.

KGB @ Olympic Plaza


Next stop was Rivers for a clothing exchange and Potluck. Supper was yellow beet borscht pitas and hummous, and a really great taboulleh (salad with quinoa and vegetable) there was carrots in it and avocados! and corn! oh it was yummy, we all dumped our unwanted clothes in the middle and scavenged, throughout the night i dove several times into it looking for new finds, i found a couple of things to alter and experiment with, and my favourite finds were a pair of slippers, and a pair of Thai pants!

New Slippers!

Pywacket with New pants!

I also at one point had my lip grabbed and tugged by little baby Jacob who seemed to like chewing on people, tables, buckets, and anything in general. (he’s teething)

Walking home in my new clothes i got some fun looks from people and i stopped off at Morgans to jump on her drink her ice tea and watch Julia and Julia with her till late in the morn. (just stopping by) That movie makes me want to cook and blog so much now. it also made me very hungry. hmm… best go to bed before i find myself up all night scrounging for food.

Yay! a good night!

Ahhhh the internet

April 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

I have recently taken to surfing the web because i want to learn how to do t shirt surgery and other neat recreation and whatnot… cept i sorta fail at sewing but I’m working on it! the sewing machine doesnt always break on me now!! ( except currently…)

So these are the sites Im obsessed with now… and their crafts are both drool worthy and Lexiworthy because they alwasy make me think of her!

and sidetracked amongst these amazing ideas I find a band of 13 year olds that I love!

heres the featured video, Yeah young rockchicks!

Hopefully that shows up, if not search Barbie eat a sandwich by Care Bear on FIre

mm mm class

April 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

I really love my Natural Science class, I’ve been so stressed out lately with assignments exams preparing for the spring and next year and all that hoopla,  – by the by my latest scheme is to ruin all of Jason and I’s plans to live together in Montreal and go live with my brother in Victoria. Why? I’m still not really sure but I’ve had a desire to live in BC my whole life and its a place I know I’ll have no trouble with, my family will actually visit, and I’m surrounded my the nature i adore and my bro and teegan who are the best! Montreal is beautiful but I’m going to have to leave it for another time in my life (katima leader!) the only problem is that long distance relationships are the worst thing ever for my emotional health, so still working out that bit and who knows, maybe he’ll follow. Anyway, among all this and university and stuff I have my natural science class, It’s so amazingly interesting and the discussion from people in the group is so informed and enlightening, Presentations have been going on the past few weeks and I’ve seen people talk about making their houses more sustainable or their work places, which appliances to use, one guy invented his own shower, reusing clothes to make new ones, today we had one girl presenting about personal care products ( shout outs to method and burts bee’s) and another girl who’s trying out raw food, and she brought brownies to class! (they had avocados in the icing!!!)

mmmmmmmmmmm any class with food in it wins one for me..

which reminds me of last nights class! I got to class maybe 40 minutes late cuz my assignment needed to be finished and i arrive in class with my teacher telling me to write down the recipe for Cree Bannock! (this is an elementary art education class… no cooking) she had a grill out and butter and honey and ahhh crazy… anyway i wrote it down so i got me some bannock to make now! I love my clases, if only they would Please please please stop giving me homework!

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