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April 7, 2010 § 1 Comment

I really love my Natural Science class, I’ve been so stressed out lately with assignments exams preparing for the spring and next year and all that hoopla,  – by the by my latest scheme is to ruin all of Jason and I’s plans to live together in Montreal and go live with my brother in Victoria. Why? I’m still not really sure but I’ve had a desire to live in BC my whole life and its a place I know I’ll have no trouble with, my family will actually visit, and I’m surrounded my the nature i adore and my bro and teegan who are the best! Montreal is beautiful but I’m going to have to leave it for another time in my life (katima leader!) the only problem is that long distance relationships are the worst thing ever for my emotional health, so still working out that bit and who knows, maybe he’ll follow. Anyway, among all this and university and stuff I have my natural science class, It’s so amazingly interesting and the discussion from people in the group is so informed and enlightening, Presentations have been going on the past few weeks and I’ve seen people talk about making their houses more sustainable or their work places, which appliances to use, one guy invented his own shower, reusing clothes to make new ones, today we had one girl presenting about personal care products ( shout outs to method and burts bee’s) and another girl who’s trying out raw food, and she brought brownies to class! (they had avocados in the icing!!!)

mmmmmmmmmmm any class with food in it wins one for me..

which reminds me of last nights class! I got to class maybe 40 minutes late cuz my assignment needed to be finished and i arrive in class with my teacher telling me to write down the recipe for Cree Bannock! (this is an elementary art education class… no cooking) she had a grill out and butter and honey and ahhh crazy… anyway i wrote it down so i got me some bannock to make now! I love my clases, if only they would Please please please stop giving me homework!


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  • Lexi says:

    avocadoes are a raw dessert’s best friend. for real.
    avocadoes, cashews & coconut are the most common things used for “thickening” (I guess that’s the right word?) & making em creamy, like frosting!
    aahhhh, we should live together & make raw chocolate desserts!

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