Ahhhh the internet

April 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

I have recently taken to surfing the web because i want to learn how to do t shirt surgery and other neat recreation and whatnot… cept i sorta fail at sewing but I’m working on it! the sewing machine doesnt always break on me now!! ( except currently…)

So these are the sites Im obsessed with now… and their crafts are both drool worthy and Lexiworthy because they alwasy make me think of her!





and sidetracked amongst these amazing ideas I find a band of 13 year olds that I love!

heres the featured video, Yeah young rockchicks!

Hopefully that shows up, if not search Barbie eat a sandwich by Care Bear on FIre


§ One Response to Ahhhh the internet

  • Lexi says:

    awwww!! those are ALL me-worthy! I ADORE Threadbanger; their forums are a MASSIVE wealth of information. check out craftster.org – way too cool.
    that Leethal girl looks JUST LIKE ME!! I’ve definitely seen her stuff on other sites!
    in general, I find “tshirt surgery” a bit silly. I think it’s because I personally wouldn’t/couldn’t wear half of it & I just prefer to get my sew on & make something insanely intricate. BUT I love this shirt [http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d30/0risha/n716361943_1869741_566.jpg] (maybe it’s the dreads, haha!) & I am going to DESTROY tshirts until I get one to look like this. I will probably also destroy my hair when it is long enough to be dreaded.
    I want us to walk on a beach together in the next… YEAR. you+me+beach = ❤

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