Finally, another good night

April 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’ve been blogging less and less it seems as exams draw near and all the homework is due, and, as I leave May 3rd to not come back till start/end of august/who knows when. My life plan seems due as well. Quite stressful and Its turned me into a tv slumped cat mimicking bum of a girl. Kickboxing cheers me up whenever it come around, though I have had my final class this week, and Pywacket cheers me up but it almost seems like I’m taking on more qualities in him than I thought, All I want to do is roll around, sleep, eat, be petted and poop. The petting is hard to come by as there’s so few people around and my parents have grown rather tired of me rolling across their lap and staring at them meowing and complaining. (sadly… this is not an exaggeration) But! every so often there’s a good night, and so finally i’m back on the computer and ready to write.

Tonight was a mixture of two events, very much needed as I had a breakdown until 2 am last night and slept in till 12 today. Got groceries and contacts with mom, moved a microwave and mattress, and half moved a box spring with her, made hummous and pitas, stuffed my backpack with them and assorted clothing, and went to work. It was a beautiful day, for once it’s actually t-shirt weather. It was HOT! We had work outside, and I taught the kids the tag-rock-paper-scissors game of giants wizards elves and there was kickball and their playground is magnificent! Love it love it, I may have to go back there with a camera for some playtime. anytway, i was in a rush because work ends at 5 15 and KGB had a show at 4 30 (or so i thought) I got there during their second song. On the first t shirt day, they had an outdoor show at Olympic plaza (where I skated before) It was wonderful, drinking a bubble tea smoothie and dancing and saying hi to my bro and later talking with Makyee and Morgan who both showed up too late (though Morgan did catch a bit of the last song) I thought I was going to rush to the next event, but the band only played a few songs, so i got to have some sit down time and ask Fraser for a ride.

KGB @ Olympic Plaza


Next stop was Rivers for a clothing exchange and Potluck. Supper was yellow beet borscht pitas and hummous, and a really great taboulleh (salad with quinoa and vegetable) there was carrots in it and avocados! and corn! oh it was yummy, we all dumped our unwanted clothes in the middle and scavenged, throughout the night i dove several times into it looking for new finds, i found a couple of things to alter and experiment with, and my favourite finds were a pair of slippers, and a pair of Thai pants!

New Slippers!

Pywacket with New pants!

I also at one point had my lip grabbed and tugged by little baby Jacob who seemed to like chewing on people, tables, buckets, and anything in general. (he’s teething)

Walking home in my new clothes i got some fun looks from people and i stopped off at Morgans to jump on her drink her ice tea and watch Julia and Julia with her till late in the morn. (just stopping by) That movie makes me want to cook and blog so much now. it also made me very hungry. hmm… best go to bed before i find myself up all night scrounging for food.

Yay! a good night!


§ 2 Responses to Finally, another good night

  • Lexi says:

    I adore Julie & Julia. I was watching it on a flight TO-Calgary & had no money for food & it made me SO HUNGRYYYYYY.
    Your new pants are AMAZING!! I want to go to a clothing swap! Why do I have to be in the lamest city in the Prairiessssss?! 😦
    I have been very lazy/schlumpy as well (although Scott puts up with me rolling around on the floor :P). It will be so much fun with you & Morgan here! We will do wonderful creative things!! 😀

  • Thanks lady lady! I can’t wait to roll with you, see i’d be fine with being a schlump if I had someone with me or someone who didnt mind me cuddling with me for hours on end. I can’t wait to see you! CREATIVE AHOY!

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