April 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Okay short post, but this was really cute

I aws babysitting last night and i was putting the boys to bed and normally Kadin is really hard to get to sleep so i was being kinda tough with him and he had kept coming out of his room for different reasons and the last time it was because he had a nosebleed so we went to the bathroom and he knew what to do rolling up pieces of toilet paper and shoving them up his nose. He didnt say anything but he started handing me the toilet paper so I could prepare the nose cloggers, i had them in a line waiting for him to shove them up his nose. After a long while his nose had run out and he went back to his room.

I told him that i was downstairs if I needed him, not a minute later he was at the top of the stairs saying he needed me,

I followed him in the room and asked him ‘what to you need?’

he pulled back a corner of his sheets beside him and he patted the bed and said ‘for you to rest here’

so i clambered in beside him and we stared at the ceiling and i waited for him to fall asleep.

But after 3 minutes of waiting he nudged me with his shoulder and said ‘you can go now’

and he fell asleep.


§ One Response to Kadin

  • Lexi says:

    that is so freaking cute! he knows a good lady when he sees one!
    i want you to lay down with ME until I fall asleep! I make Scott do it before he stays up late working, haha.

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