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Friday was the start of Katimaviks billeting period, and as I miss the Katimalife, I just had to offer up our family. Billeting is the part of the Katimavik program where each participant goes separate ways for nine days, each going into a home of a local family. This gives the participant the opportunity to relax, have some tie away from the group, and get to know the community more.

Day before billeting the Katimavik group were at an open mic at The House (fair trade coffee-house) and alumni were invited to come and meet them and watch, so naturally we all showed up, knowing each other already from the wonderful connections Katimavik brings (Morgan ive known since i was six, Emma had been in my Katimavik house the trimester after i was there and i was in her Katimavik house the trimester before she was there, Kyle I’m recruiting with at a high school this week, Lisa I was in University with and we got to know each other from spotting Katimashirts and buttons, we’ve each met a group last year, though at different times, Teddy I hugged on a Manitoba highway a year ago after hearing he was the Calgarian in the group that we found while driving, and Makyee I met in Ottawa while I was in Orleans) The degrees of separation within Katimavik are very close-knit.

So we were almost a katimagroup in our own, hugging and laughing and singing, and bombarding this fresh new group of one month into the programness. It was quite nice sharing our stories and being very outgoing and seeing the expressions on the groups faces from seeing what they were going to become. Unfortunately, my billet wasn’t there, but I did pick him up on Friday, signing forms and Mom getting her 10$ a day for taking him, we noticed it was like a rent-a-kid service. we took him home and Morgan and I took him out geocaching. Now he’s obsessed after finding his first cache in the metal suspension of the CPR railway bridge.

Saturday found us geocaching some more while roller blading down the river and practicing Poi (also another obsession of his now that he’s quite pleased about) Saturday night however was amazing. A few of the Katimakids were invited to a party called ‘Alice in Waterland’ a group of people were fundraising to travel the country blessing water with crystals. The backyard had mushroom lamps and cards hanging from trees and a tea party set up, but this had to all be under tarps because Calgary decided that no, it is not springtime yet, let’s have a big snowstorm. In another backyard was a hookah tent and inside there was a table set up with tea from all the local tea houses (Steeps, Oolong, Teopia, and another i can’t recall) The basement had cushions for talking on and a dance for flailing limbs. It was the Upstairs that I stayed in the entire night because there was a room filled with cushions and lamps and plants and crystals and sheets on the ceiling and walls. Sitting around the room on the cushions was a sitar player, a guitarist, a guy in aviators singing, a few drums, and as I started to play on the djembe more people with instruments came including a cello, a squeeze-box, an acoustic bass, and a didgeridoo. It was amazing, people sang songs, some i recognized, some i think were made up on the spot, but we played late into the night, drinking tea, sage burning nearby, and it felt lovely.


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