Saskatoon – Day 3

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Day 3!

Yesterday was Mendel Day.

We walked around downtown in the snow again and we found the Mendel Art Gallery (we had gone here last year in Katimavik on an excursion from Moose Jaw) In the Art Gallery there was an exhibit that was a collection of art from Saskatoon schools, so the artists were kids from kindergarten to grade 12. A lot of them were sooo impressive, really an ego crusher when the Grade ones are way better then anything i can make. But pretty pretty. Yay. The main exhibit was 3 artists on the subject of ‘the innocent years’ one of them was from Marjane Satrapi, who made the books Persepolis, childhood years and Return Voyage. She released a movie recently of her books, filmed in black and white animation telling her story of being an Iranian Girl growing up in the war and all her family struggles and then being cruched by her love life, and earning how to live strong against the rules of her society, wearing veils, and covering the figure and no makeup and all that. Interesting story and we watched most of it in the exhibit and there were storyboard panels on the wall.

Attached the art gallery there is a conservatory with flowers and its very relaxing to breathe in the air and listen to the fountain. Mmmhmm. Oh! And scott made us sushi! Yummm…. Seiten and mushroom sushi is Sooo Good.

Today we visited my Auntie Miggs, Mom’s best friend from grade 2 on, she’s a cutie and her apartment was so bizarre but so cool. Her apartment is 4 rooms spread throughout the hallway of the apartment floor, so she has two neighbours that walk through what is technically the middle of her house, its not that she has 4 apartments, but like, she has four keys, one opens to the water closet, another to the bathroom, another to the living room, and the last is the kitchen. In the middle of the foyer is her coatrack. Its insane! We saw her trinkets and photos and met Francis, her super soft blind cat who makes weird noises when moved.

Had Lunch at ‘Calories’ – tasty food place, and there was portabello mushroom sandwiches and Saskatoon berry lemonade and creme brule and all that yummy goodness. Fancy and tasty and filled us up. Good eatings.

Now its 2 hours before we leave on the bus again and I feel terrible, actually since we left Calgary i’ve been feeling worse and worse, my bodys sore ( I got a massage from lexi which felt really good, but i need like, 3 more hours of that) I have a headache, and I am farting and peeing like theres no tomorrow. Super weird and i just dont feel like moving anymore.

Ahhhh! Saskatchewan!



May 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Day 1 – it feels like day 2

we found a Lexi! and a Scott! (lexi’s boyfriend) it took 5 h 45 min o talking, listening to music, drinking juice and ginger snaps and attempting to sleep but we got there. There was icky weather on the way too, snow and rain and uck all over the prairies.

At 6 am we had pancakes and hashbrowns and it was Yummy! I was HUNGRY! Lexi and Scott food is AMAZING.

I’ve been looking forward to eating with them for quite some time. Morgan had a nap and after breakfast, i wanted one too so Lexi and I napped too with Morgan again. We woke up a tad late though at 1 o’clock. Its snowing outside and wet and old is everywhere! We still went for walks, played in Value Village (morgans yoga pants were no good for long bus rides so we went looking for sweatpants.)

Had some luncheon (Mmmmm yummy pasta with veggies and spices and goodness and TEA!) and walked again, this time downtown, and along the river, Morgans pants were soaked up to the knee and my shoes were drenched thoroughly, and paired with wool socks this made my feet super itchy.

Now we have dried ourselves, tea’d up, and are ready for dinner. YUM!

The Grand Adventure!

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Tonight is the night I start a grand adventure.

My darling friend Morgan and I are embarking on a 4 month voyage. Tonight we board the Greyhound bus. We each have a 2 month Discovery Pass with greyhound allowing us to travel nonstop with greyhound until July 3rd.  On June 26, we’ll end our bus trip though because we’ve both been accepted ( Jason too) to The Explore Program, a language learning program offered in Canada, so we will spend 5 weeks at the Université de Trois-Rivières. Après ça, we will fly back to Calgary, I potentially have a job for 2 weeks at camp, and then we will road trip to BC following the Kronic Groove Band on tour and visiting friends. On y Va!

We start with Saskatoon with lovely Lexi and her splendid Scott. We leave at 8:45 tonight . We see them at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

I`m so excited, Ive been packing and theres so much I want to take, but still so mch I want to do or don`t have or what ifs and maybe i`ll pick up those and all that. I finally get to see so many friends and family this spring and summer. Adventure times are so great! I`m giddy with Excitement! Eeee!

Journal started!

End Of Billeting

May 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Katimavik billets for nine days. Today is the tenth. Last night we drove Skyler back to the Katimahouse, I think he may see my parents a couple more times, and I might get the chance to see his whole group again in Ottawa. (We were very close to being able to see them again in Westminster as well, but they leave almost as soon as we get there.)

This week we:

Went to a party

Played the djembe and didgeridoo

Went to an Open Mic at Weeds Cafe

Went Geocaching



Watched Avatar and Princess Bride

Played Water Girl and Fire Boy

Taught Skyler two point weave, and three, four and five point as well in Poi

Went to the Science Centers Bodyworks Exhibit

Went to Drumheller and Tyrell Museum

Had Brunch with Alumni

Had a fire and dinner and Jam session in the Backyard

Played Apples to Apples, Cards, Crib, Such a thing and the Ninja game

made cookies, lasagna, mousse, pitas and hummous

Had dinner and Rock Band and Wii with Fraser and Kat at their new House!

and probably more.

Sadly, I only have a few pictures. But here we go. It was a good Nine days. if we count the night before at Open Mic at the House with the katimavik group, then i can be allowed to say ‘It was a good ten days’ Song:    Jeruselem – Dan Bern

Worlds Biggest Dinosaur


He won't let it eat him

Travelling Back in time

T Rex gonna eat choo

Looking over the Badlands

In Carbon, Looking at pictures of Papa and Nannys trip to the Maritimes

Uncle Ray visited from Vernon, He's visiting the whole family now and I got to give him cuddles

It was really good seeing Uncle Ray, it may be the last time as he’s stopped chemo treatments. But he’s spry and as Uncle Ray as ever for now, so it was a good visit. I like my Uncle Ray, we’ve had some good times.

And that is that!

This week is done… On to the Next Adventure!

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