May 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Day 1 – it feels like day 2

we found a Lexi! and a Scott! (lexi’s boyfriend) it took 5 h 45 min o talking, listening to music, drinking juice and ginger snaps and attempting to sleep but we got there. There was icky weather on the way too, snow and rain and uck all over the prairies.

At 6 am we had pancakes and hashbrowns and it was Yummy! I was HUNGRY! Lexi and Scott food is AMAZING.

I’ve been looking forward to eating with them for quite some time. Morgan had a nap and after breakfast, i wanted one too so Lexi and I napped too with Morgan again. We woke up a tad late though at 1 o’clock. Its snowing outside and wet and old is everywhere! We still went for walks, played in Value Village (morgans yoga pants were no good for long bus rides so we went looking for sweatpants.)

Had some luncheon (Mmmmm yummy pasta with veggies and spices and goodness and TEA!) and walked again, this time downtown, and along the river, Morgans pants were soaked up to the knee and my shoes were drenched thoroughly, and paired with wool socks this made my feet super itchy.

Now we have dried ourselves, tea’d up, and are ready for dinner. YUM!


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