2 hours to Pinawa

August 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mothers day, and a day for food.

Had Brunch at Morgans Uncle Davids. Tons of food and when we’d had enough we went off with Morgans Uncle John and family to go to Pinawa. Before that though for Mothers Day we visited Tessa and Grants Oma’s. Oma of course couldn’t let us visit without eating and so we ate again. Delicious pasta and ramekin bread with watermelon. We were stuffed by now, originally we had planned to have supper with Uncle John and them as well, but that got cancelled, instead we drove through the Canadian Shield to Pinawa to their house and settled in. Before bed Tess and Grant took us biking to the suspension bridge and showed us Pinawa. Deer were everywhere, it was very green and the lake looked beautiful. Very much like being at the cabin. Played soccer and frisbee and went to bed. (not without phoning our mothers of course!)

Rainy day in Pinawa turned into a lazy day. watched movies ate more ramekin. Played a lot with the cousins in the backyeard and got to know them, both canoe and mountain bike a lot and Aunt Helen hates the deer as much as their grandma hated rabbits. She told us of all sorts of animal problems, bears, minks, coyotes and cougars. Tessa showed us her french project video and watched the playoffs. Aunt Helen got us stretching and joined her routine. She is fit!

Morgan and her cousins!

bike Morgan Bike!


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