Thunder Bay

August 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

miserable day, both of us dead beat tired, backpacks on we stumbled through the bus system to find the Terry Fox Memorial Statue.

Bus freaked us out from having 3 too many people talking to themselves, may have just been the mood we were in though, got off the bus and walked close to a kilometre to the Statue along the highway. Here was where Terry Fox ended his amazing attempt to run across Canada for cancer awareness. It was really something special to visit that statue.

Terry Fox

Rained on the way back. Soaking wet we stopped for lunch and a very kind lady gave us muffins for our journey.

Went back to the greyhound for the 7 hour wait until the next bus. There we met Nana Banana from Northern Ontario and a very interesting Bosnia-Hungarian man.

He started by showing us an amazing card trick. The trick is you cut the deck, draw a card, memorize it then put the entire deck together, elastic and all and hand it back to him. Then he’ll tell you what card you had. On the rare occasion he got it wrong, you would redo the entire trick and he could guess the card you had last time and this time. Amazing. Couldn’t figure it out.

Then he proceeded to tell us that he is technically chiese, the garden of eden is in Korea, the history of china, genetics, facial feature differences the history of language and more.

Also, he told us of an amazing record holder in the world of sports, and he believed that without a doubt we knew this record holder. We had played the sport too. After much guessing we finally found out it was bowling. I dont know any famous bowlers i told him but he insisted I knew this bowler that had out bowled all the records being held for the last 210 years. He even showed us a newspaper article on it, name and photo and all. No idea. Never heard of him. Yet the man swore we knew him.

The famous bowler? The bosnian-hungarian man of course! Obviously we knew him, we’d been talking for hours.

He told us more stories, the relationship of competitiveness between his father and Albert Einstein, how einstein told the man to figure out the mystery of the monarch butterfly ( which he figured out… and told only to few people) He was offered the lead singing role for the opening sequence of Fiddler on the roof, but he refused. He is also the best harmonica plater, able to play a scottish bagpipe song, a waltz.. and much more, including a harmony and melody and bass all intertwined. He played for me and true, hes amazing. ” I would never teach of course, I want to die the best”

He know spends his days on the greyhound, travelling anywhere and everywhere, stopping when its nice out, continuing when it rains.


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