Winnipeg – Part 1

August 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Staying with Grandma Trueman, Morgans dads mother and her son takes after her very much.  Very straight-forward, direct, doesn’t waste time, and yells at rabbits. (and throws stuff at them too apparently)

First day we went out for breakfast after the bus station and ended up napping afterwards until 5 in the evening. Had tea with Morgans Uncle David and Aunt Maureen. Called up Lyndsi and Pouet and went around town with them, seeing the forks and parliament at night. Also, seeing an odd site – a bus shelter party, about ten people were stuffed into a bus shelter and singing and playing guitar. Lots of potholes in the road and jaywalker/hitchhikers are freaky. I guess it’s a regular thing in Winnipeg to stick your thumb out for a ride and then try to get yourself run over so you can try to sue people.

Spent the next day at the forks going up the tower, seeing buskers and shops, went in the Johnston antiques building while Grandma waited outside ( she’s already seen it, and doesn’t need to again!) Made pizza for dinners and went for a walk. Much longer than expected as we got stupidly lost. oops.

Morgan and her Grandma


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