Winnipeg – Part 2

August 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Said goodbye to Tessa early before schooland had a last breakfast with the cousins.  Grandma took us back to Winnipeg and to Lyndsi’s house where we met her mother and went to get coffee with her. Got a freebie for Pouet and found him back at the house, played cards and later when Lyndsi came home froms chool, played more cards! Learned the card game ‘may I?’ very similar to Phase 10.

Supper included the Manitoba-unique honey dill sauce and we went fr a drive hunting for the Katimavik house, This time we found it and met the whole group. Well, two girls were home while the rest slowly dwindled in from the gym looking very surprised to see four strangers in their living room, fortunately they were cool about it and we made new friends! Proud to say this group is over 7 months in and still eleven strong!

Next day had an early start and got to downtown with Lyndsi as she headed off to school. Showed us the salon and the exchange district. Phoned up Morgans cousin Lex to have brunchw with us. Difficulties ensued from the pink demonic cellphone that is Morgans. Saw the legislative building having aborginal day featuring the treaties between the Queen and the First Nations peoples. Reading through the original treaties I found the wording of the documentary quite interesting as the the queens name gets more and more elaborate (Her most humble and gracious highness) and they refer to the First Nations as ‘Bands of Indians’.

Discovered an amazing tree in the yard. Met up with Lex and his partner Mark and enjoyed brunch at the famous salisbury house on the the Peace bridge. As the bridge is situated on a bridge the plumbing system costs a million dollars to set up.  Fun times!

Went to Mondragon my new fav place in Winnipeg with Lyndsi. Mondragon is a local grocerers, cafe, bookstore and anarchist info nook. You can grab your freshly squeezed carrot ginger juice, find a book and curl up on an armchair or battle a newly made friend to chess. I ended up teaching Lyndsi how to play chess, something we were never able to accomplish throughout Katimavik.

Geocached with Lyndsi and Pouet, having one find out of three tries, one of them involving walking in the freezing Red River. Lyndsi and Morgan bought some new bags at the forks and got lost on the bus system.

Said our goodbyes and sadly.. moved on.

Lex, Mark and Morgan

Million dollar pee!

Revolution! art outside Mondragon.

Loved this tree!


Golden Boy


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