September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

May 19 – 21

Took a bus to London and were picked up by Morgans Katima-buddy Amanda’s boyfriend Andrew. Met Amanda’s family, and her dog Remy. (not the brightest dog too) Amanda showed us the bridge that crosses the river to Michigan. Here in Sarnia, the bridge is a big deal and for fun people like to eat fries sold from mobile stores and stare at the United States occasionally jumping from the bridge to swim.

the Bridge

Amanda’s friend Derby took us round on a drive to see the town, then after a rousing game of cards we went to the bar to dance. Potentially may have been a hockey player from the Avalanches team there as well trying to sell us pizza.

Had some naps and a lazy day going for coffee and tea making pizza and yam fries and watching both Transformers movies with Amanda.

the beautiful girls themselves


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