Toronto – Take 1

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

May 14th – 19th

Morgan and I spent the first night at my boyfriend Jason’s place. Then for the rest of our Toronto time, i stayed at Jason’s place, and Morgan stayed with Emmet from her Katima-group. First time in almost two weeks that we get to sleep in separate beds!

Emmet took us all around the beach in Toronto that you can certainly be a beach bum at, but where it is strongly advised to not go in the water. Had lunch in Little India and for sure this restaurant we went to is my favourite in Toronto. Lahore Tikka House is a Halal Pakistani Cuisine Restaurant and for vegan/vegetarians like myself, the combo sizzler is soooo yummy.

Saw tons of Geese in the wetland areas of the city, took a 7 hour walk in downtown Toronto finding neat things by letting Morgan point at something she’s intrigued in and going towards it. This took a long time, but we were able to see the CBC building, underground mall, CN tower ( didn’t go up it.) the trains and distillery region, and Kensington. I adore Kensington! Morgan ended up liking the whole of Toronto… I ended up liking Kensington. Drummers, hoopers and dancers, outdoor shops and beautiful painting and graffiti on the buildings and sweet merchandise there.  Passed the Skydome – now Rogers Centre, and old city hall with fellow old beautiful buildings and churches. Queen street looks intriguing, but didnt spent too much time there.

YES! These guys were in the CBC Museum

Also ate at a thai restaurant next to another named ‘Holy Chow’ and also next to a very large hotel that had a fire in it. As we ate so many firetrucks passed us by to run into the hotel.

Small geocaching escapade in Scarborough to fnd a little trinket by a small and stinky creek. Passed by the harbour, and arts buildings, watched artisans blowing glass. Hung out on a sweet wavy bridge and ate a bazillion Yam fries at the Loose Moose Pub.

Spent a lot of time with Jasons family playing video games, cooking and eating food, and admiring their backyard of forget-me-not’s. Watched movies and biked around Jasons elementary school.

Growing up thinking that Toronto is the pit of evil in Canada, spending some time in the city was really helpful to have another food. It does have too many people for my own comfort and is insanely huge, but the bus systems good and downtown is hiding quite a lot of fun times. I may not be able to live there, but I will for sure visit there more often.


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