Québec et Armagh

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June 24-26

Thought we’d catch Québec in the act of the chaos and craziness we’d heard of for St Jean Baptist, the provincial holiday in Québec, known by the québecois to be THE day for partying and wild times. What we didn’t know was that those clever quebekers had planned it all out. Since they have the day off the 24th… they party on the night of the 23rd. By the time we got there the city was fast asleep in a hungover stupor, leaving fleur de lys flags, bottle caps and cigarette butts all over the streets. Turns out we’ll have to leave our english spying of St jean for another year.

Now…. for the fun part of the trip (kidding)…. MY BIRTHDAY!

yes i am kidding because…. it didn’t exactly go as planned. Though I am thankful to have spent my birthday with both my best friend and my boyfriend.

We were in Armagh, the small town of Morgans Katima-buddy, Josie-Ann. Waking up on the 25th, we went for a walk, a short lived walk as i saw some pretty daisies in the ditch, and i love daises so i went to be with them, and then stepped in a hole

and the hole was deep….. and sharp….. and i was wearing sandals.

my leg was stuck as i fell down, almost turning topsy turvy, finally got balace and dragged my foot out,, covered in blood, my toe had been cut on the joint halfway through. Morgans a terrible lovely thing with blood, so yelling instructions at Moran and Jason was interesting first aid times, they dragged me out, cleaned me up and gauzed. Josie-Ann had been in a car accident that morning from fatigue of her night shift job and had been asleep. After finding no other person to take me to the hospital we woke her up and asked her to drive. 45 minutes to Montmagny hospital. I got to deal with nurses who didnt know that Calgary, or Alberta was in Canada, and thankfully got a New Brunswick doctor to tell me about my foot. He found wood in my toe and stitched me up 4 stitches. I couldnt feel my toe at all now and still don’t on have of the pad of my big toe.

Fun times!


changing bandages… not looking so gruesome cleaned up
Josie-Ann and Morgan

At least we got to meet Josie-Ann, she took us to a fair, lent me crutches and watched fireworks! Her mom makes AMAZING tofu too!



Montréal – encore

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June 21-23rd

Jonathans birthday is the 22nd. We stayed up late talking and playing until he turned 21 and got super excited for the morrow.

While he was at work, we walked up and down rue St Denis and i took Morgan on a wild goose chase looking for Lola Rosa restaurant that i had been to with Jason during Katimavik. Eventually we did find it, after a looong time.

Lola Rosa

After Jo got back we decided on going to Mado for his birthday, met up with his friends Philippe, Steph and Danni (who didnt stay long as he had already had a full day, though he was pretty funny) Mado. Oh Mado. A wonderful place and my first drag show. Also a special show since it was the week of St Jean Baptiste, Mado and her friends dressed up as various quebecois artists and sang their songs. Mado made fun of the english folk in the bar and though we couldn’t understand everything she said I know she is super hilarious anyway. An amazing show and a great night of dancing afterwards. I had a couple guys tell me they knew the perfect girl for me and we met a guy Francois we seemed to really like Jonathan. 😉


Explored the underground the next day, phoning Mom for her birthday and her telling me there was an earthquake in the area that we had obviously not noticed. Toured Jo’s school briefly.

Tried to leave early in the morning without disturbing Jonathan. No luck, after we had gotten halfway down the block he caught up with us, upset we hadn’t said goodbye! (figured he’d wake up and chase us)

Ottawa – again

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June 17-21st

This part of the trip we get tired. Its way hotter than we’re ever used to summer being and we mostly stay indoors with books and movies, when we take walks we have noticed that we have nothing to talk about because we already know eachothers past, the only time apart since we were 6 was Katiamvik and we’ve heard eachothers stories so much we can add in missing parts of the others story when they share with someone new. We do see Phil though, having left Morgans towel with him before, and we find an Aboriginal fair, Italy festival and bike race. We took a walk through an experimental farm in the city and called our fathers for Fathers Day.

The bad news: we left our laundry sitting out to dry at Donna’s…. and still haven’t gotten it back. 😦



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Went to the Bloor Festival and then attempted to see Jason which ended up being a lot of pointless subway riding, eventually Morgan went to Emmets and I went to Jasons.

I go to Kung-Fu with Jason, and get matched with Cassie, the other girl in the class who kicked my butt in sparring. I really enjoyed the tumbling and drills though. Jasons brother Alex picks us up to go to greyhound and get us a Lexi! Lexi had decided after us to get a greyhound pass and make her oen way across the country to see her family in Nova Scotia, after the greyhound anger mess though, (tickets are nonrefundable) she decided to take her time a bit more slowly seeing us in Toronto, and then her mom in Ottawa.

Watched the God of Cookery (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyGH3HjgKaQ) a funny Chinese movie about a show similar to Iron Chef.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lexi cuddles.

hula hooped, and Jasons Mom took us for Dim sum at a fancy place that intimadated Lexi and I into feeling like silly vegans who didnt know w thing about chinese food. We had to ask about each thing we ate and laughed at the delicious Mango Pudding which was carved to look like a fish. Jasons family seemed to enjoy our reactions anyway.

Went to Kensington meeting with Morgan and I found a part of Toronto that i can love. Kensington is gorgeous! Beautiful graffiti, markets, stores, parks music and people. Mm!

After dropping Lexi off we go out for Indian food in Little India and realize we`re a bad joke.

” a cocasian, asian and greek walk into an indian restaurant…..”

Went to Centre Island to see the petting zoo and the beach and the hedge maze. skipped stones, met up with Emmet downtown at the Loose Moose pub to watch the World cup and eat yam fries.

Went to the Ontario Science Centre to see the exhibits AND the Harry Potter Exhibition with sorting, and props and wonderfulness. Morgan and I were in heaven.

Morgan fell in love with dinner. Spicy fish soup that Jasons parents had had when they visited Hong Kong and wanted to try making. Played tons of Mario Kart and watched movies.

The Virgos (i'm left out as a cancer)

The flying Ford Angelia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


being a wizard on Centre Island



Port Carling/Barrie

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June 8th -11

Stopped in Toronto for the night, couldn’t get a hold of Jason for the night , we had been talking to a guy our age on the bus for the trip and when he saw us time after time phone our Toronto contacts with no success, he offered us a futon, saying he recently signed up for couch surfing, in the end we took his offer up, he lived close to the station and was very friendly, talked about Scott Pilgrim Comics and our trip, had tea, and left in the morning.

After much Tim Hortons time, we set off for Port Carling.

Bit of difficulty getting there, paying for tickets is expensive, Greyhound runs just to Barrie, then busses go to Bracebridge. We had planned to be picked up in Barrie, though being a bit too far, we explored Barrie a bit waiting for a bus to Bracebridge and found out that that weekend there would be an ecofair in Barrie and that in the Cityhall there was a nice lady who had heard of Katimavik and offered us a place to stay if we would need it.

Paid for a bus to Bracebridge and met Beccas dad in the pub.

Talked with Becca catching up and met her friends, one of them has a really cool mini-house bunker that BEcca and them had raised money to build. Geocached, watched movies and hung out at the beach until it rained and helped Becca sell her car (she had bought it with her Katima-bursary.) Met her mother and played  cards. Becca also took us to the lookout at Port Carling to see the view of the lake. (Port Carling is surrounded by lakes, being in Muskoka, Ontario)

After some confusing travel plans, Beccas dad drives us to Barrie. We remember that the Ecofest is happening and head on over, keeping a watch for katimavik groups bound to be present.

Found a Katimavik booth and meet Geoffrey and Prudence, both from Toronto. Geoffrey had done Katimavik the same year as us and had been in the sa,e group as our friend Lisa. Prudence had done Katimavik a few years back. We helped with the booth and set the Katimavik groups on sticker mission recruiting. Left for lunch with Geoffrey and Prudence going into pubs for lunch, passed by a brewery called the Flying Monkeys and stopped in to see if there were tours, all had finished for the day but the manager Bruce, showed us the party room and told us about the place offering tons of samples (too bad i don’t like beer)

The Ecofest had Toronto artist MJ Cyr playing. We listened to her show, chatted with her and her parents and definitely LOVE her music.

Also went for dinner with those two and after saying hi to Cam also in Barrie from Geoffreys cluster who i had met when my group stayed in Vancouver, we went back to Toronto with Geoffrey and Prudence, getting dropped off at Morgans katima-buddy Emmets place.


@ Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery




photograph- catharine lansing



Drummondville / Windsor QC

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June 1st – June 8th

At the bus stop we finally find the flaw in our plan.

You see, Greyhounds website says that you can travel anywhere greyhound or its affiliated bus lines run. When we looked on locations for where greyhound runs, we saw that it goes to all the provinces except Newfoundland.

This just isn’t true. In fact, Greyhound only goes to Montreal in Quebec, and that is the furthest east the Greyhound goes. Wahbam.

We bought a ticket with another busline to go to Drummondville where Morgan spent her first trimester of Katimavik, and where Stephanie (“Stuff”) from her group lives for school.


Morgan and Stuff



Bilingual chatting, and I notice their accent and sayings are very similar to Steph’s in my group. (ex. ‘its a joke’)

Campfired, watched movies, saw the Bridge and IceClub where they hung out last year, got Morgan a Mug at Café Morgane, tried to visit the katima-‘house’ (2nd story of a 5 story office building), talked a lot with Stuffs friends.

Morgans quebec billet family picked us up to take us to the Windsor/Sherbrooke area. Morgans billet family is Michel, Lynn, Moustache, and Shadow. Michel and Shadow the dog picked us up with two of his grandchildren. When we got to their place, Michel took us to a little boat and padded us across the creek to an island where he had a small farm and chicken coop with chickens and big fat rabbits.

Lynn is a sweetie, she loves caring for people, Morgan had said before that Lynn had been practically ready to adopt her, and hwe saw a lot of that in her as we visited, she prepared mudbaths, took us the Pouderière (black powder mill), the wool mill, the movies, swimming in their backyard, cooked and talked with us for so long. When we found out about greyhound, she told us that if we needed, she’d keep us for the rest of our stay until Explore began. She helped us search the internet for information on what we could do until then and we extended our stay from 2 days to a week. Michel is a moustachioed man, very french looking who hunts, gardens, wittles and eats poutine. They both made sure we were full of chocolate and tea and had enough to do.  I even learned how to carve a petit bonhomme!!



Mes petits bonhommes






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May 30-31st

Found our way to Jonathans place and let ourselves in as jo takes a night shift with the paramedics team.

Went to Coras, Lac-de Castor, Tam-tams (my favourite thing about Montreal – a huge gethering of drumming, dancing, personal marketing, poi spinning, hacky-sacking, and happy people), walked through Vieux-Montréal, and Vieux-Port stumbling upon Fesitval des Gourmandes ( always a festival in Montréal), learned that chapiteau means marquee tent as we past by the Cirque-du-Soleil, grabbed sorbet, watched jugglers, and played Laser-quest!, partook in a dinner at Le Commensal (another love in Montr.al, vegetarian buffet restaurant, yummy!), and watched Le princesse et le grenouille. (the princess and the frog in french!)

Packed sandwiches the next day to go to Jean Drapeau station on l’île Ste Hélene. Tried to see the Biosphere, unfortunately its about the only time it was closed that season. Met with Lydia and saw her friend at Université de Montréal, and then a concert at Lion d’or were a 20 person ensemble called Fanfare Pourpour was playing.  More ice cream and then a lovely trek up Mont-Royal. Skyline of Montreal is still smoky after the recent 51 forest fires.

Some hours later we finally made it back to Jo’s place.


Fanfare Pourpour




smoky Montreal

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