Drummondville / Windsor QC

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

June 1st – June 8th

At the bus stop we finally find the flaw in our plan.

You see, Greyhounds website says that you can travel anywhere greyhound or its affiliated bus lines run. When we looked on locations for where greyhound runs, we saw that it goes to all the provinces except Newfoundland.

This just isn’t true. In fact, Greyhound only goes to Montreal in Quebec, and that is the furthest east the Greyhound goes. Wahbam.

We bought a ticket with another busline to go to Drummondville where Morgan spent her first trimester of Katimavik, and where Stephanie (“Stuff”) from her group lives for school.


Morgan and Stuff



Bilingual chatting, and I notice their accent and sayings are very similar to Steph’s in my group. (ex. ‘its a joke’)

Campfired, watched movies, saw the Bridge and IceClub where they hung out last year, got Morgan a Mug at Café Morgane, tried to visit the katima-‘house’ (2nd story of a 5 story office building), talked a lot with Stuffs friends.

Morgans quebec billet family picked us up to take us to the Windsor/Sherbrooke area. Morgans billet family is Michel, Lynn, Moustache, and Shadow. Michel and Shadow the dog picked us up with two of his grandchildren. When we got to their place, Michel took us to a little boat and padded us across the creek to an island where he had a small farm and chicken coop with chickens and big fat rabbits.

Lynn is a sweetie, she loves caring for people, Morgan had said before that Lynn had been practically ready to adopt her, and hwe saw a lot of that in her as we visited, she prepared mudbaths, took us the Pouderière (black powder mill), the wool mill, the movies, swimming in their backyard, cooked and talked with us for so long. When we found out about greyhound, she told us that if we needed, she’d keep us for the rest of our stay until Explore began. She helped us search the internet for information on what we could do until then and we extended our stay from 2 days to a week. Michel is a moustachioed man, very french looking who hunts, gardens, wittles and eats poutine. They both made sure we were full of chocolate and tea and had enough to do.  I even learned how to carve a petit bonhomme!!



Mes petits bonhommes






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