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May 21 – 23

Kitchener is where my Uncle Andrew (Moms lil brother) and his family live. I hardly ever get to see them, making every time i see them blow my mind to pieces because my cousins grow so fast, and I love them so much.

On our way there our bus actually broke down and we waited there a long time without me noticing, Morgan was kind enough not to wake me until the new bus arrived to take us. Waiting for us was Uncle Andy, and my cousins Ethan and Bradon.

We played Cities and Knights of Catan, eventually being joined by my cousin Emily who had been at a sleepover, unfortunately I couldn’t see my oldest cousin in that family, Logan who had gone away on youth camp for the weekend.

Auntie Cyndi woke us up so kindly the next morning with the smoke alarm. Fortunately, breakfast was unharmed and delicious. We piled into the van for a tour of the area, factories, roads and general history given by Uncle Andy. We went to the farmers market and came home to play Ticket to Ride, black ball white ball, and watch the blind side.


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