Montréal – encore

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

June 21-23rd

Jonathans birthday is the 22nd. We stayed up late talking and playing until he turned 21 and got super excited for the morrow.

While he was at work, we walked up and down rue St Denis and i took Morgan on a wild goose chase looking for Lola Rosa restaurant that i had been to with Jason during Katimavik. Eventually we did find it, after a looong time.

Lola Rosa

After Jo got back we decided on going to Mado for his birthday, met up with his friends Philippe, Steph and Danni (who didnt stay long as he had already had a full day, though he was pretty funny) Mado. Oh Mado. A wonderful place and my first drag show. Also a special show since it was the week of St Jean Baptiste, Mado and her friends dressed up as various quebecois artists and sang their songs. Mado made fun of the english folk in the bar and though we couldn’t understand everything she said I know she is super hilarious anyway. An amazing show and a great night of dancing afterwards. I had a couple guys tell me they knew the perfect girl for me and we met a guy Francois we seemed to really like Jonathan. 😉


Explored the underground the next day, phoning Mom for her birthday and her telling me there was an earthquake in the area that we had obviously not noticed. Toured Jo’s school briefly.

Tried to leave early in the morning without disturbing Jonathan. No luck, after we had gotten halfway down the block he caught up with us, upset we hadn’t said goodbye! (figured he’d wake up and chase us)


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