Ottawa – Gatineau

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May 24-29

Queen Victorias Day! – the Queen on her Birthday.

The Queen on her Birthday

on the way to Ottawa had a layover in Toronto where though late at night, Jason cae by to visit with us for the 2 hours, brining fried bread and blackberries. (good boyfriend)

hung out at timmies for 4 hours waiting for morning to come so we could call Phil, a high school friend of Morgans. (also at high school with me, she had the right schedule to actually hang out with him and get to know him) Got ouselves a ticket for the parliment and picked up a self tour booklet of the grounds, learning about the statues, evetually found a fine patch of grass to fall asleep on.

Woke up to cannon fire. Being Queen Victorias birthday, the cannon fired twelve times in salute to her.  little boys crying over the cannon “are we goin to war?”

Got our tour and learned everything, mostly gawping at the wonder of the library and looking at the portraits of Prime Ministers.

Met with Phil and his girlfriend Danielle at the Tulip Festival which was wrapping up. (My katimavik group had volunteered at this the year before) Went to Victoria Day Festival with Fireworks!

Similar to last year – Allergies kick in on day of the Tulip Festival. Sweet.

Next day was HOT. Phil drove us around to 4 different Tim Hortons as we were all persistent in finding an Ice Cap. Machines were broken from the heat. we did end up finding a good one in the end. Visited Dunning-Foubert in Orleans, finding the tiles on the walls that Scott, Lexi, Lydia and I painted when we worked there in Katimavik. Unfortunately one of my teachers was on sick leave and the 7 year olds didn’t fully recognize me (I guess my hair is a lot shorter…)


Tried visiting the Old Katimavik house too, Morgan had to pee, so we asked the owners to let us in! only saw the basement, they said that they found a construction hat with a note in it in the attic though 🙂 (left by me)  However, except the basement, Phils house is exactly like our Katimahouse! eery how similar, basically gave Morgan a tour of Phils house in Katimaterms.

Morgans katima-buddy Emilie picked us up and took us to her place in Gatineau. Took a lot of really long walks in Gatineau getting pretty lost and letting our feet wander for hours. Super hot days, mostly spent our times there reading outside and taking walks. Found the beach at Lac Leamy on a walk right after the day after Emilie had driven us there to swim. (the water was yellowy and it creeped me out, i’m used to glacier water and runoff in lakes and rivers… east vs west differences) Went to the Museum of Civilization, ran through it too quick for my liking, though personally i could spend days in there. It’s my favourite museum. So beautiful.

Quickly met up with Stephanie from my group and had beavertailsto catch up. She was spending the spring and summer in Ottawa with WarAmps. (Steph is originally from La Pocatiere)

Emilie drove us over to Lexis moms house in Ottawa to spend a few more days. Coincidentally, the current Ottawa Katimavik house is not far at all and we walk over to visit the former Calgary group. Surprised them completely, getting ready for bed for a volunteer event in the morning we caught the group only a day or two after arriving in Ottawa from Calgary. Also, their PL is the same as last years (my friend Makyees PL!) and she remembered my group and also told us that she in Katimavik had been in the same group as a PL that was in my BC cluster in Katimavik. (it becomes a small world in this program very fast)

another jean fix day with Donna’s sewing machine (Lexi Momma), went to the Great Glebe Garage Sale, and left for Montreal.


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