Port Carling/Barrie

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June 8th -11

Stopped in Toronto for the night, couldn’t get a hold of Jason for the night , we had been talking to a guy our age on the bus for the trip and when he saw us time after time phone our Toronto contacts with no success, he offered us a futon, saying he recently signed up for couch surfing, in the end we took his offer up, he lived close to the station and was very friendly, talked about Scott Pilgrim Comics and our trip, had tea, and left in the morning.

After much Tim Hortons time, we set off for Port Carling.

Bit of difficulty getting there, paying for tickets is expensive, Greyhound runs just to Barrie, then busses go to Bracebridge. We had planned to be picked up in Barrie, though being a bit too far, we explored Barrie a bit waiting for a bus to Bracebridge and found out that that weekend there would be an ecofair in Barrie and that in the Cityhall there was a nice lady who had heard of Katimavik and offered us a place to stay if we would need it.

Paid for a bus to Bracebridge and met Beccas dad in the pub.

Talked with Becca catching up and met her friends, one of them has a really cool mini-house bunker that BEcca and them had raised money to build. Geocached, watched movies and hung out at the beach until it rained and helped Becca sell her car (she had bought it with her Katima-bursary.) Met her mother and played  cards. Becca also took us to the lookout at Port Carling to see the view of the lake. (Port Carling is surrounded by lakes, being in Muskoka, Ontario)

After some confusing travel plans, Beccas dad drives us to Barrie. We remember that the Ecofest is happening and head on over, keeping a watch for katimavik groups bound to be present.

Found a Katimavik booth and meet Geoffrey and Prudence, both from Toronto. Geoffrey had done Katimavik the same year as us and had been in the sa,e group as our friend Lisa. Prudence had done Katimavik a few years back. We helped with the booth and set the Katimavik groups on sticker mission recruiting. Left for lunch with Geoffrey and Prudence going into pubs for lunch, passed by a brewery called the Flying Monkeys and stopped in to see if there were tours, all had finished for the day but the manager Bruce, showed us the party room and told us about the place offering tons of samples (too bad i don’t like beer)

The Ecofest had Toronto artist MJ Cyr playing. We listened to her show, chatted with her and her parents and definitely LOVE her music.

Also went for dinner with those two and after saying hi to Cam also in Barrie from Geoffreys cluster who i had met when my group stayed in Vancouver, we went back to Toronto with Geoffrey and Prudence, getting dropped off at Morgans katima-buddy Emmets place.


@ Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery




photograph- catharine lansing




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