Québec et Armagh

October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

June 24-26

Thought we’d catch Québec in the act of the chaos and craziness we’d heard of for St Jean Baptist, the provincial holiday in Québec, known by the québecois to be THE day for partying and wild times. What we didn’t know was that those clever quebekers had planned it all out. Since they have the day off the 24th… they party on the night of the 23rd. By the time we got there the city was fast asleep in a hungover stupor, leaving fleur de lys flags, bottle caps and cigarette butts all over the streets. Turns out we’ll have to leave our english spying of St jean for another year.

Now…. for the fun part of the trip (kidding)…. MY BIRTHDAY!

yes i am kidding because…. it didn’t exactly go as planned. Though I am thankful to have spent my birthday with both my best friend and my boyfriend.

We were in Armagh, the small town of Morgans Katima-buddy, Josie-Ann. Waking up on the 25th, we went for a walk, a short lived walk as i saw some pretty daisies in the ditch, and i love daises so i went to be with them, and then stepped in a hole

and the hole was deep….. and sharp….. and i was wearing sandals.

my leg was stuck as i fell down, almost turning topsy turvy, finally got balace and dragged my foot out,, covered in blood, my toe had been cut on the joint halfway through. Morgans a terrible lovely thing with blood, so yelling instructions at Moran and Jason was interesting first aid times, they dragged me out, cleaned me up and gauzed. Josie-Ann had been in a car accident that morning from fatigue of her night shift job and had been asleep. After finding no other person to take me to the hospital we woke her up and asked her to drive. 45 minutes to Montmagny hospital. I got to deal with nurses who didnt know that Calgary, or Alberta was in Canada, and thankfully got a New Brunswick doctor to tell me about my foot. He found wood in my toe and stitched me up 4 stitches. I couldnt feel my toe at all now and still don’t on have of the pad of my big toe.

Fun times!


changing bandages… not looking so gruesome cleaned up
Josie-Ann and Morgan

At least we got to meet Josie-Ann, she took us to a fair, lent me crutches and watched fireworks! Her mom makes AMAZING tofu too!



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