October 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Went to the Bloor Festival and then attempted to see Jason which ended up being a lot of pointless subway riding, eventually Morgan went to Emmets and I went to Jasons.

I go to Kung-Fu with Jason, and get matched with Cassie, the other girl in the class who kicked my butt in sparring. I really enjoyed the tumbling and drills though. Jasons brother Alex picks us up to go to greyhound and get us a Lexi! Lexi had decided after us to get a greyhound pass and make her oen way across the country to see her family in Nova Scotia, after the greyhound anger mess though, (tickets are nonrefundable) she decided to take her time a bit more slowly seeing us in Toronto, and then her mom in Ottawa.

Watched the God of Cookery ( a funny Chinese movie about a show similar to Iron Chef.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Lexi cuddles.

hula hooped, and Jasons Mom took us for Dim sum at a fancy place that intimadated Lexi and I into feeling like silly vegans who didnt know w thing about chinese food. We had to ask about each thing we ate and laughed at the delicious Mango Pudding which was carved to look like a fish. Jasons family seemed to enjoy our reactions anyway.

Went to Kensington meeting with Morgan and I found a part of Toronto that i can love. Kensington is gorgeous! Beautiful graffiti, markets, stores, parks music and people. Mm!

After dropping Lexi off we go out for Indian food in Little India and realize we`re a bad joke.

” a cocasian, asian and greek walk into an indian restaurant…..”

Went to Centre Island to see the petting zoo and the beach and the hedge maze. skipped stones, met up with Emmet downtown at the Loose Moose pub to watch the World cup and eat yam fries.

Went to the Ontario Science Centre to see the exhibits AND the Harry Potter Exhibition with sorting, and props and wonderfulness. Morgan and I were in heaven.

Morgan fell in love with dinner. Spicy fish soup that Jasons parents had had when they visited Hong Kong and wanted to try making. Played tons of Mario Kart and watched movies.

The Virgos (i'm left out as a cancer)

The flying Ford Angelia from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!


being a wizard on Centre Island




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