British Colombia

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

returned home after Explore. had a week or two at home and was back off. I plan to go to University of Victoria, but haven’t heard back whether i will be in residence, or an apartment. I have job interviews and apartment meetings set up anyway. When we hit Kelowna though, I got an email from residence saying I got a job as an Alternate Community Leader in residence. I would get 750$ off my res fees to be an ACL. The CL or Community leader is a mixture of all those other acronyms floating around… RA RL CA Dom… the CL programs events for residents, they do in-nights, going around the neighbourhood in the evenings to observe and report any infractions to the community standards, and to be a go-to person for any questions, comments, complaints, concerns of residents. Over the past few years they had a lot of CLs quit during the year (it takes a lot of time and stress sometimes) and they had to hire new CLs, quickly without training. So they made the ACL position, still there for go to and planning, but we wouldnt do innights or write up incident reports and whatnot. And we get less off our res fees (CLs get 3000$ off)

So thats what I’d get. I was happy i had food and a place to live and it was cheap! ish. (I’m still paying my fees now…)

With that out of the way we explored the Enchanted forest. spent a week in Parksville (morgan, mom, dad and me), eventually morgan went to vancouver and then home and i carried onto Victoria where my parents switched me for Paul and I went to training. Most of training was really familiar to katimavik and youth council and camp counselling. .


Summer done. Schools begun.



In BC and playing with the Bears. This one scratched Morgan pretty deep too!


In the enchanted forest you will find many odd and inspiring creatures.


The Ogopogo in the Okanagan gave us a lift.

BC Ferries

Mile 0 of the trans Canada Highway. Also where Terry Fox started his run.

Dipped our toes in the Pacific


Cathedral Grove - My Favourite place.

Dad and I both thought the ocean was much too cold for our likings. Mom eventually got us in, to the much complaining of my freezing innards.

And off to university it was.



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