UVic to the point where I’ll finally be caught up with this blog…..

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes so currently it is November sixth and I have been slowly catching this blog up from May.. SOOO.

From the last post till now  –


Joined The UVixens Ultimate Frisbee Club. Joined my friend Teegan and cousin Katrina in Girl Guide leading.  I’m in 5 classes – 3 geography classes 3 geog labs, 1 math class and 1 french class. Last year i definitely did NOT have 5 classes ever (3 one semester and 4 the other) and i do NOT like this.

Wallace won the cheer off between Gordon Head neighbourhood. Also Wallace came third place in Lounge Decorating competition winning us our own settlers of catan game! (which we have yet to receive….)


I got a fishy too! He is a Betta/Siamese Fighting Fish. and his name is David Bowie.

David Bowie!

and met Poe. The Campus Cat. He is an Outdoor Cat, I have never met his owner but he is beautiful, enjoys everyones company and is the subject of much attention among residents. Unfortunately most decide to bring him inside their buildings where he shouldn’t be. I do like finding him outside when I’m missing my Pywacket though.


Also celebrated my Brothers birthday! Chana Masla, Dahl, Naan and Buttered Chicken for my brothers East Indian dinner. We dressed in Saris played whatever music was the closest to what we wanted and played games. Good times. (unfortunately no pics)


Went to AppleFest! Paul drove me, Teegan, Leah, and Rachel out to Salt spring Island, there we toured around different orchards seeing amazing houses, gardens, orchards, tastes 80 varieties of apples, drank apple juice, ate apple pie, and more farmly goods like cherry tomatoes, baked goods, cheeses and vegetables, fennel and stinging nettles.



little trooper apple tree


On the way home we were on the 45 minute or so ferry back to Victoria and everyone from apple fest came up to the front of the ferry where one of the bikers had a stereo hooked up to his bike and waas playing music and everyone danced together.

October also brought the lovliness of midterms and stress. Never any fun, I pulled a few things in Ultimate and after the Rookie Party ended up quitting in order to persue other sportsy goals while not killing myself.


Robert Wallace Walrus, Hagrid, Whiteboard Decoratin Competition Walrus Scream, and my brain turning to porridge rot.

Gordon Head also began Spy vs Spy, a game where each person gets a clothespin with their targets name and building on it. THey need to pin it on their target to make a ‘kill’ in which case the killed person gives them their own clothespin for a new target. You cannot pin them in their own room, the cafeteria, bathrooms or class however. My current target is hard, the whole building knows im a spy and keeps lying to me about my target, i have no clue who she is or which room she lives in. Sighh.

Also quit math as i found out its not required for my degree ( if i even go for that degree, i’m quite indecisive) and i wasn’t doing well in it. Gives me more time which I like, homework is getting brutal and i’m terrible at essays.

Harry Potter for Halloween, also went to Galeys Farms for a scary corn Maze and the Carnevil Haunted House. Kristian (MariO’Noir) and i went through the haunted house together and it helped us both for me to grab on to his overall strap for dear life as people popped out and air shot at our ankles. Very well done i must say.



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