Finding Direction

November 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

So for a while now I’ve been fretting about the present and future, and life decisions, course selection, meaning of life and all that. Typical university student worries right? well it was getting out of hand as i hadn’t been to class for practically 2 weeks, save a few labs and french classes to take quizzes. I have jest been overwhelmingly tired (The residence cafeteria, as awesome as it is in providing for vegetarians, it unfortunately does not do so well with vegans, and my Iron and b vitamins and all that energy giving nutrient stuffs is lacking. So I’m on track changing my sleep patterns again and sorting out my thoughts using a variety of processes. Starting with a general statement on facebook to get help organizing my thoughts. As I suspected, My dear friend Lexi sent me a link to on the website to solve my problems. (many times i don’t follow links like this, but I’ve long since learned that everything Lexi sends me is worth it and helpful. So here we go.

What am i good at?

i found this one the hardest, it’s always easiest to hear what you’re good at from others. So I’m still gathering the answers to this by asking people who know me well.

– good friend  – drawing – sticking with projects, books, people I love – handling animals – leading – loving – teaching – people person

What excites you?

drums – environment – dress-up – painting on a large scale – big projects – cats – travelling – connecting people – other languages – being with people i know and love – other cultures – public speaking (I’m actually terrified when i speak in public, but i love it) – reminiscing – group living – cooking vegan/raw

What do I read about?

magic – other countries – youth – environmental living – humanitarian action – changing the world – quests/journeys – finding yourself – vegan cooking – childrens books

What have you secretly dreamed about?

– leading drum circles – being in a band – starting a youth hostel – creating a hostel/program/Dépanneur Sylvestre  thingy in western canada for the homeless – being a part of a non-monetary community – running a camp – becoming a cat/wizard

carrying on with these ideas on that website I also will add one more

Current plans or goals to complete in life?

Become a Katimavik PL – do Canada World Youth – take a semester abroad – take 3 courses per semester in classes im truly interested in – go to the Quidditch World Cup – go to the UK/thailand/india/nepal/senegal – wwoofing – tree planting – territories/maritimes – live in a yurt

So how many years does that take? also I’d have to have jobs in between to fund the international and travel things. By the time its all done, then I’d need a career. Or would I? I think that would be when I focus on some of the larger projects under the what have i secretly dreamed about category.

Yes. I think that looks nice.

My mom took 26 years to get her general studies degree, and she seems quite happy. She took courses that she loved and learned what she was interested in. My grandpa said once when i was telling him about my uncertainty in degree choice that he hoped I wasn’t taking my mothers route in school, but I quite like it. I think it’s pretty cool to travel and experience, and use school as those gap years, staying still for a semester to relax and learn for a bit.

Yes. Good thought processes then. It’s a bit alarming thinking that I don’t want to follow the norm of get in get a degree get out routine that a lot of people are doing around me. The questions ‘what are you taking’ has already haunted me a bit. Oh well.

Weeeee Life mapping!




§ 2 Responses to Finding Direction

  • Lexi says:

    I did that activity (well obv since I sent it to you :P), but I still have no idea what I want to do.
    I want to start a hostel too! and travel! and be a PL! (now I just need to learn how to drive)
    I’m thinking that I’m going to end up taking the longer route degree-wise. what’s the fun in cramming for 4 years only to graduate & have to cram to find a job & then workworkworkworkworkworkwork!!! no fun!
    I still don’t even know what school I should be at! I’m so torn up between staying here, going back to NS, going to BC, going anywhere!!

    I didn’t know that about your mom, that’s awesome! I don’t see the point in rushing about if you’re not enjoying it.

  • I knoowwww! the whole 4 year degree thing freaks me out. I mean, with University you can do it all your life really, but some of these program, and well the active bodies we have now we won’t have all our lives so i just want to use it while I have it! I dont know if I’ll be at UVic the whole time either, right now i am because i really want to get quidditch off the ground before i leave and Im liking CLing. So next year im here, the year after that im hoping for CWY and who knows what else, I might like to try a semester abroad, but d need to work to raise money for that. and i may go to a few other universities. Im not picky. t makes me happy that so many of our goals are the same (Morgans too).

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