Jungle Room

November 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

My mom is the coolest. She let us do a lot of stuff when we were kids that i’ve seen other parents not. Letting us ride in the trunk of the car, taking us to disneyland, annual road trips,  building us a treehouse, getting a trampoline, playing outside wherever until the sun came down, letting us have free reign in the basement with nintendo and lego galore to play with. My parents totally believed that imagination should be put first and that our dreams should happen. This really can be explained with room decorating. My brothers had a huge dinosaur faze. Naturally my mom painted the room around with dinosaurs, made curtains and bedsheets and voila! little boy paradise. My sister went through tons of fazes, unicorn faze (purple room with unicorn wallpaper) writing on the walls (when I took over this room it actually got out of hand as my friends continued on my sisters friends legacy and wrote on everything in the room – but still, with rules like no swears and correct spelling, being allowed to write on the walls is pretty cool)

One of these fazes of my sisters was having a jungle room. She was 10 and wanted to live in a jungle room. So out came the paint and the family and a few of my sisters friends set to work. Now, 17 years later, we’re preparing the house for sale and realtors don’t seem to be a fan of colourful and exciting. It’s painted up now, but looking at it, I really think how cool my parents were to let her have a room like that.

ceiling too, there was a sun painted around the light.


King Louis

Shere Khan

Flounder! (and yeah there was a sink in the room, also an ironing board, its an old house)

paint covered everything


as mom put it: blah doors, blah walls




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