Happy New Year!

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

2o11… or in the words of my wise friend Lexi  – Two thousand and heaven.

This year holds so many cool things in store that seems less amazing than last year, though with a little optimism will prove to be so incredibly awesome and happy.

The holidays were great. I absolutely bombed all my exams (totally not proud for that i feel like utter crap about it and plan to focus more this semester) then packed my stuff, shoved it into storage and came home to help mom prep for the holidays.

Because my parents are moving and into a uch smaller place, this will be their last Christmas Party (it’s been running for 30 some years, 24 years in the house we have now) and its a big ordeal. I saw the new place they’re going to and this will be a huge lifestyle change for them to say the least. Going from a 3 story + basement 1912 Victorian house downtown to a +40 condo in the south suburbs is going to be difficult for them. Fortunately the new place has a place for mom to quilt and craft, a place for dad to woodwork (finally for pleasure as the last 24 years have been focused on renovating our house and building our cabin for the last 14 years) theres a place to entertain guests and enough amenities for them to stay healthy and fit. Its super clase to my dads work so he’ll be much happier as long as my mom can cope from living away from her friends.

The christmas party went well, afterwords we tried to count in our minds how many showed up and were able to name 148. Some regular families were absent and some we couldnt remember so minimum 148 guests coming in and out of the house. I was most surprised and psyched about my two friends Paula and Lisa. Lisa lives 2 hours north and works three jobs and she drove down right after her shift and drove back up after the party. Paula lives in Montreal and i rarely see her but was my first best friend growing up and i’ve known her since i was 3.

The holidays were filled with lots of family get togethers which is a rarety now that I’m the youngest at 20. We had a family dinner that included everyone in the family and more (hadn’t occured for a year and a half) we went to Zoolights, Heritage park, i watched Harry Potter with my best HPnerd friend Morgan, chatted with my friend Kristen who has been growing steadily more busy but happier and amazing. (On top of massage therapy she has been gathering support for a petition to change the shark hunting laws and is now about ready to pass it through the house of commons and get signatures. Way to go Kristen!)

Christmas was actually taken place on Christmas Eve. We had our family together to exchange gifts (siblings and partners did a secret sibling santa exchange to save money and my parents gift to us was the promise to help pay for a trip to hawaii my grandfather proposed) I hardly ever see my Grandad and his wife Gladys but this Christmas Eve they spent the evening with us and had an awesome time making jokes and enjoying the family. It was really great and we skimmed over a 1992 home video of my siblings and I thats adorable! (i couldn’t believe my brother could actually be that cute, 4 years old and singing and talking without any r’s or l’s)

Christmas day was weird. My sister and brother in law went on their honeymoon, delayed for a year and a half due to Katy’s cancer, to mexico. The first real vacation (non road trip) they had each took. My borthers both spent the day with their girlfriends and my parents and I were left at home feeling quite odd on christmas day without family already having done the festivities the day before. We did however go to my aunts that night for dinner with extended family and i got to watch my cousin odin (1 and a half) chase the cat, silus, around the house.

Boxing Day i visited Carbon with my parents and brother and kat (his girlfriend) to see my Dads side of the family. Nanny passed down my Papa’s old cowichan sweater to me that she had knit 30 years ago.

The next day i got a LEXI! she bussed on over from Saskatoon to spend new years with me. I showed her to my friends explored the city a bit played with my sisters cat Loki every day and then went to the cabin with her, my parents, my friends Morgan and Tyler and their families. Our New years traditions are many – pop the champagne at midnight, give a toast, listen to the fireworks of others, bang pots and pans on the front porch, sing Auld Lang Syne while hand holding cross-armed and running in and out of the circle (Scottish tradition?), then wrote down our resolutions, stuffed them into a baguette, passed the baguette and told of our 2010’s, then shoved the baguette into the fire. a “toast” to the New Years. (yes, we are witty and take pride in it) after some snowboarding and hot springs (and rolling in the snow in our bathing suits) we headed home to frantically pack, and i was sent off on a plane at 6 in the morning arriving in Victoria at 8 am. (my keys to my building weren’t given to me until noon)

This new years resolutions are many and i’ll decide on a way to approach them next post. Perhaps a revised 1001 in 101 will do. One thing i will like to try is a PostaDay challenge. I’ve been much to lax in blogging and I really enjoy it so we’ll get on top of that shall we? For sure 2011 will hold more blog posts including TilT (things i love thursdays) and More! woohoo!

Happy New Years to all! 2011 here I come!


My entire family + friends Eric, Andrew, and Kristen


Us and Santa's Reindeer at Heritage Park


In the mystical tunnel at Zoolights. (the "dr who" tunnel)


Our new Family Photo! Dad, Mom, Paul, Teegan, Katy, Nathan, Fraser, Kat, Me and Pywacket

FYI: Katy and Frasers shirts read: “I love big dumps”


In the maze at Heritage Park.

The house i lived in all my life.

No pics from New Years yet, sadly i don’t have a functioning camera besides my phone (whose bill is long overdue) we’ll see when they’re posted by others!





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