Busy Busy Times

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Since the start of this new year in school i’ve barely had time to sleep or think. A lot of it has been good, but still it’s overwhelming. I’m taking 4 courses and my head is always swimming with whether i should take 5, or 3, or if i’m taking the right ones and should i switch and what would i switch to even? Still not having an idea on what to do is not so hot, though i am thinking i could really enjoy linguistics I don’t have the opportunity to take any of the classes because it conflicts with the only 2 courses i’m actually sure about taking. (Environmental Studies courses). Besides school (and still having many readings to do), there’s work. I’m in the brand new residence building with new students, the majority of them being exchange. Because of this there’s a lot of programming to do on top of training, late night in-nights (doing rounds 3 times a week to ensure the rules are being kept and going to bed when it’s quiet,there’s also area wide programs and staff relationship building to keep up with. Then there’s the little hobby i brewed up last semester to keep me sane that’s now taking up some time and thought as well – Quidditch. Last semester we had around 20-25 students playing every Saturday. Now I’ve made it an official club and the team also wants to host a tournament against another university. At club days we got over 100 other students express interest in the club so now i have to turn it into a league and fund-raise and brainstorm ideas. It’s super awesome and going well, but again, i’m getting a bit tired and stressed out on the second week of school.

Thank goodness I have Jason here this semester, even with me being the most terrible girlfriend to him calling him names, being lazy and grumpy and complaining all the time, he;s keeping me sane, little sleep and a bit of stress brings about depression and fortunately Jason has had some experience dealing with me and depression so he’s starting to form strategies. I swear i wanted to kick him in the face today and a million other things, but somehow  the violence stayed in and I got over it.

Here’s hoping the week get’s groovier and more relaxing. (then i can actually keep up with my goal of a post a day)


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